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It is actually smaller than I thought it would be, now that I have cataloged it all. Time to get more books!
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I am a brand-new teacher, so new that I don't even have my own class yet, but that hasn't stopped me from frequently collecting books for my "future classroom library." Of course, being a lover of children's literature, in all honesty, most of my books were purchased without this aim in mind, and calling them a part of my "future classroom library" is really just an excuse for my ever-increasing expenditures. Oops, I guess my secret's out.

In other news, I am an avid reader, but I also watch far too much television. I have always lived locally, but I love travel, or at least the idea of it. I am an insomniac, a perfectionist, and a truly sloppy housekeeper. I am, as Churchill would say, "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma," but what person isn't?
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