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Aug 25, 2009
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felicity alma
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My library is a bit of a mish-mash of styles, periods and genres. It's probably about half non-fiction, with the rest made up of fiction, poetry and plays. Most of the books are second hand. Only books that I absolutely couldn't wait to own have ever been bought new. What can I say? Bargain-hunting is in my blood.
Acerca de Mim
I'm a self-confessed bibliophile. I enjoy reading just about anything, especially if no one is going to ask me to write an essay about it, but I have an excessive fondness for discworld novels, and quirky books of most kinds. I'm trying to read more non-fiction in my spare time now,though, especially feminist theory.
My record for the longest time spent reading, sans sleep or meals, is 36 hours, when one of the Harry Potter breezeblocks came out, although I usually rein myself in to a couple of hours a day.
If I'm not reading, studying or timewasting then I'm usually browsing for second-hand books, physically or technologically. You can't beat a second hand bookshop for a good day out, though.
somerset, england
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