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I'm trying to expand my horizons as far as the genre of books I read but you'll see that I do tend to have some favorites. At the moment I'm obsessing over all things young adult but you will also see reviews pass through that focus on general and contemporary fiction, chick lit, women's lit, thriller/suspense, and sci-fi/fantasy.
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HI there, I’m Michelle and I’ll be your hostess for the duration of your stay in my little corner of LibraryThing.

As you browse around you’ll see I am primarily interested in sharing my love of books with the world so if you are as infatuated as I am chime in and share your viewpoint(s). I’ve created this space with the idea in mind that it will allow me the opportunity to become part of a larger community, one where we can all feel free to express our opinions freely and engage in conversation. I am a big fun and humor kind of girl so you may see, when warranted, that tone in my posts. ☺

To give you a tiny glimpse of me personally, I live on the Virginia side of the Metro-DC area where I work for a private University that has campuses across the country. By trade I’m an instructional designer, which means I design and construct distance learning courses and programs. I’m also currently taking classes to learn how to be a copy editor. Since childhood I’ve enjoyed writing and would adore nothing more than to switch professions to do something that inspires me.

I’m certain I’ve rambled on enough for you so if you would like to know anything more specific about my professional background please email me at michelle [at] and I’ll be happy to share.
Springfield, VA
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