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Robert Bob White
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Over the years Bob has had many library collections based on his academic and career pursuits. His current library is focused on kites, kite building, original source documents about kites and noted kite pioneers, as well as history pertaining to the early years of flight. Other areas of his library are based on photography, graphic arts design and and eclectic mix of current reading interests and pursuits.
Acerca de Mim
Bob White is a dedicated kite flier and kite historian. He enjoys working with people to share the beauty and wonder of kites. A former teacher and educational administrator, Bob has also worked as an educational and management consultant, a senior executive in an Internet company and a sales/marketing representative in the auto parts industry. In addition to Bob's passion for kites, he has a strong interest in writing, history, books, photography, graphic arts design and Canada.
Port Colborne, ON, Canada
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