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Sobre mimHi, my name's Jeff, and I'm a book addict. Though I swear I'm getting better: I've only bought thirteen books in the last three days.
I am, actually, getting 'better'. Whatever that's really supposed to mean in regard to the size and rate of acquisition of one's library, I am starting to think that it's kind of beside the point if you acquire books faster than you can read them, and am starting to behave accordingly. I feel that this is a sign of maturity - a new stage in my literary growth, a deeper flowering of true book appreciation beyond that of mere collector's avarice. Because, as wonderful as books are as objets d'art, as tangible, palpable pieces of the exquisite pleasure of existence, they are, first, vehicles for the meeting of mind with mind, and that is a greater, fuller, more meaningful delight than the former (already great, full, and deeply meaningful) meeting of the mind with the world. So, as I say - and since I'm way, way the hell, behind already - I'm beginning to try to bring my buying pace more into line with my reading pace. It's a step. I'm not sure which of the twelve it is, but it's a step.

Sobre a minha bibliotecaWell, as I write this, most of my library is in boxes. I have the incompatible habits of owning lots of books and of wandering. Books, en masse, don't wander well - I'm sure most of you already know. Had I the money, I'd establish some sort of long-term base, some place to install a permanent library and periodically wander from with only a selection, say a box (or two)[possibly three?] full, to accompany me. That's yet to be the case, though, and so my books are in boxes. I've uploaded the ones that aren't (and the ones that I've bought since boxing the others), but it's a small part of the whole. I own, I think, somewhere around fourteen, fifteen hundred books now. Not to brag (no, seriously: I see some of you book-hoarders out there have got the step on me). I am proud of my library though - frankly, honestly, freely, as between man and man: it is brilliant, and amazing, and really, really, just the coolest. I think (I hope) that most of the time I'm not quite so silly as to be proud of myself for my astonishing, preternatural cleverness in having acquired it, but simply excited that such books exist, that such people as could write such books exist and existed, and that I can own, take in my hands and flip the pages of, such phenomenal artifacts of life, the universe, and everything.


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