Jun 21, 2020
Nome Real
Johnny Williams
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Moby Dick, is a story about a great White Sperm Whale who fought back, and in doing so, injures Captain Ahab, the man who would have him for a trophy. Melville's classic tale begins after this first, fateful encounter. It is more a story of one man's downward spiral into madness as hatred and his unyielding need for revenge slowly consume him.
Acerca de Mim
my passion for art and invention led him to discover and ultimate fall in love with ornamental blacksmithing. Today, my work is celebrated at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, in Tulsa, and in many fine homes and mansions. In 2018 i completed a working model and filed patents for, Windbellows; a unique device that uses windpower to clean pollutants from our atmosphere. "I'm Mobius" is my first book, resulting from his love of whales, songwriting and poetry.
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