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My library is dominated by history and astronomy books in the nonfiction section, as well as books on writing, mythology & folklore, and paganism. Over on the fiction side, there's a whole lot of historical fiction, epic fantasy, urban fantasy, and Arthurian mythos. Throw in a dash of vampires (romance and otherwise), pirates, girl power, and disasterporn, and you've pretty much got me covered. I have one wall of my apartment lined with five bookcases, and they still can't hold all my books.
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Passionate. Writer. Astronomy geek. History geek. Redhead. Julian McMahon fangirl. Michael Trucco fangirl. Disasterporn fan. Pagan. Pro-choice. Pro-religious freedom (an' it harm none). Petite. Pro-gay marriage. Pro-responsibility. Scorpio. Cat lover. Shirley Manson fangirl. Marcia Cross fangirl. A soul in tension that's learning to fly. Vampire fangirl. RPer. Former LARPer. Pirate. Harvard grad. Tree-hugging liberal.
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