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Nov 26, 2007
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pretty eclectic actually. I love all of my books very much (but thats not to say I Like all of them), but I always seem to be searching for new things to read about. Right now it's mostly fantasy and sci-fi, because thats what I grew up on. Also, a significant amount of theatre literature inevitably sneaks in, cause thats what I'm in school for. I'm a big fan of classics, especially books warning us about what might come, but that part of my collection seems to be slow in coming.

Ulcks! Now that I actually have put all my books up I am horrified by the number of (bad) series' that I followed. But it's so hard to get rid of them. I think I spent a year of my life with dragonlance and like half of middle school with everworld and circle of three. Well I suppose I'll get rid of them at some point. Anyway, ignore those.
Acerca de Mim
uhhhhh.... I'm pretty much me. So decide what you will about my collection, it is serious work in progress. Reading is like breathing to me, but I'm sure most people who choose this as a recreational activity think that. (To be a little poetic) My books reflect my soul, what I have been and perhaps what I will someday become. So here is my soul, ripped open for you to see, enjoy it.
sometimes Detroit, sometimes Pittsburgh, sometimes Toronto
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