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Everything and anything that I like, mostly SF and Fantasy, but a decent amount of funny and SF/Fantasy tinged Romance. My shelves, my beautiful shelves that got all of my books out of boxes, were a gift from my wonderful husband for Christmas in 2016. Reclaimed library shelving, hardwood and sturdy, and I can get to my books again! Cataloguing is complete! Now to decide what stays, what goes, and what to bring in as new blood...mwahahahaha! I did identify a few that needed replaced due to age, like Jargoon Pard by poor copy was losing its cover. New one is now obtained!
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I am a lifetime geek who started at age ten with the Brian Daley Han Solo trilogy and worked my way out from there. I played tabletop RPGs in my teens and twenties, video games they were loaded with tape drives, and I transitioned with glee through all of the console incarnations. I am currently raising my child right: proud of her ability to properly use the term "my precious" in a conversation. It's a toss up if I've read Janny Wurts' Sorceror's Legacy or Anne McCaffery's Dragonsong/Dragonsinger more. Current absolute favorite "will read it over and over" authors are PC Hodgell's Kencyrath books and Anne Bishop's The Others.
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