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All of these are books I have read. Many of the books I have posted here are from the public library...I simply could not keep up to my reading passion through purchasing. My bookclub is atypical in that we do not all read one title, rather we bring what we have and exchange.
The books you see in 'my library' are only recent, all of this year's (2008+) readings and only some from the past (those I own)(or those I loved so much I must add). There are several older bookcases, classics, children's, and professional, that I have not entered into LT, but plan to sometime. I have always been a prolific reader.
My book ratings are strictly personal and reflect the level to which I enjoyed the reading. This is, of course, sometimes influenced by circumstance, place, and time.
5=It's a keeper, will buy it if I don't own it already. Put it on the re-reading shelf.
4=Loved it but I don't need to own it. Pass it on to Book Club.
3=Kept my interest but not captivating. May be some issues with the writing or the plot.
2=Just not for me.
1=Couldn't get past the first 50 pages.
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I'm recently retired, a new grand-mom, and loving it.
I love TV sports because a football, hockey, or soccer game will give me a good 3 hours of uninterrupted reading time. My DH is also into movies and I must admit I often get swept into watching. We also enjoy nature and the outdoors, travel, and sports like cycling and x-country skiing. I am an avid pickle-ball player.
West Kelowna BC Canada
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