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. . . is scattered between Massachusetts and Ohio, and one or two books may be shared with my significant other or borrowed from my parents.
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I have a bachelors and a masters in English with a focus on poetry, and I work in custom media for a large publisher. I've been writing poems (and to a lesser degree) essays and stories since I was a child.

Some of my favorite authors don't appear in my library, or appear to the extent they should. I just cataloged the first 201 books I grabbed, pretty much. Often one of a series will appear, in many cases, so as not to skew things. I tried to catalog a representative sampling of what I have, from children's books to academic literature. I also tried to limit myself to one book per author, so as to stay within the 201 book limit of a free account. This list will continue to change until I am satisfied with it or cave and buy up one account level.

More about me:
I help out with a literary convention that happens once a year, Readercon.

I want to be a teacher someday but I haven't figured out what path to take. I already have an MA in publishing...

I'm one of the many midwestern expats I know---originally from Ohio, now much happier in Massachusetts, although there are things I miss; space between towns is one of them.
Metro-West Boston - MA
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