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Jun 24, 2007
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Books not appearing in this library:

1. Harold and Stanley Say Goodbye - by Jill Dyer, (1999)

--> Publisher: MK Merimna - Number of Pages: 26 - Medium: paperback - ISBN: 0958527202
--> Available at:,,

2. Rookies: an activity workbook for families going to the mission field - author unknown

--> Available at: Kids Can Make a Difference (4445 Webster Drive, York, PA, 17402; 717.757.6793)

3. Kids Without Borders: Journals of Chinese Missionary Kids - by Helen Loong and Polly Chan, (2000)

--> Publisher: OMF Hong Kong: Hong Kong Association of Christian Missions - ISBN: 9627426342
--> Available at: OMF, Asian Book One

4. Monkeys, Snakes, And Elephants-Stories From Missionary Kids - by William J. Rolfe and Amy Lofton, (1994)

--> Publisher: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City - ISBN: 0834114895
--> Available at:,
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The creators of mkPLANET are building a list of recommended books on MK/TCK and related topics. This library is not exhaustive and is being updated regularly, so please check back often.

The books in this library are searchable through Amazon(.com, .ca, etc.). Books that are not listed with Amazon (and don't appear in our library) are listed below in the "About my library" section.

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