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Martin Shepard
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1,400 books, some favorites being works by Camus, Faulkner, Elmore Leonard, Gore Vidal, John LeCarre, Thomas Mann, Anthony Trollope, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Pasternak, Evelyn Waugh, Norman Mailer, Nabokov, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Samuel Beckett, Sandberg, Walt Whitman, Ezra Pound... and 300 plus books from writers we've published.
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My wife and I (second marriages for both of us with three kids apiece along for the ride) started The Permanent Press in 1978. Prior to that I had written 10 books for major pubishing houses while working as a psychiatrist, being a political activist, and designing and building houses in eastern Long Island. Before 1978 Judy worked as an actress and headed a drama therapy program at Mt. Sinai hospital in New York City.

We moved to the Hamptons in eastern Long Island in 1975 and three years later decided -- since we both shared a love of books -- to start a publshing company which we financed on credit cards. Stumbling semi-blindly through the first few years, a series of serendipitous events enabled us to survive, get out of debt, and eventually turn enough of a profit to go on with the work. What most interested us was discovering and publishing original fiction. Our only criteria for selection was that we both had to love a submission; our only expectation was that if we were passionate about a book, surely there must be others who would feel the same way.

Publishing only 12 books a year, working out of our home, an old farm property, where we could warehouse our own books, we gained a reputation as one of the finest independent presses in America.

Since our inception, individual authors and titles have gained over 60 literary honors, including the American Book Award, Small Press Book Awards, New American Writing Awards, PEN/Hemingway Awards, and the Colorado Book Award. We've also published National Book Award, Edgar Award, and Hammett Prize finalists. We've published Halldor Laxness, a 1955 Nobel Prize winner, and have 12 novels in print from Berry Fleming, who, in 1990, was a Nobel Prize nominee.

The press itself has been cited on three separate occasions for its editorial excellence. In 1988, The Permanent Press was a Grand Prize Finalist for The Boston Globe Literary Press Awards. In 1997 we were honored with the Poor Richards Award given by the Small Press Center for "having done much to advance the cause of small press publishing over a period of at least two decades." 1998 marked the culmination of prizes, as we won the equivalent of a publishing "Oscar" for the previous year's list: Literary Market Place's LMP Award for Editorial Achievement -- a prize open to every publisher, large and small, in America, and voted on, nationally, by our colleagues in the book industry.

Unlike most publishers, we have kept almost all of our books in print, for we feel that they have a timeless quality and will always be rewarding reading experiences. In the process we've added countless additions to our own personal library which has over a thousand other titles.

Sag Harbor, NY
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