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It will take me the rest of my life to upload my whole library. Right now I'm starting with my Virago Collection.
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An avid reader; will read almost anything but particularly women's fiction of the 19th century. Currently working in the library at Cambridge University, writing a novel and trying to keep control of my 7 year old daughter and a manic cat.
Cambridge UK
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Livrarias: Addyman Annex, Addyman Books, Books for Amnesty, David's Bookshop, Eric T. Moore Books, G. David, Galloway and Porter, Hay Castle Bookshop, Libra Aries Books, Oxfam Bookshop - Cambridge, Southwold Books, The Aldeburgh Bookshop, The Haunted Bookshop (Sarah Key Books), The Orwell Bookshop, The Poetry Bookshop, Topping & Company

Bibliotecas: Arbury Court Library, British Library, Cambridge University Library, London Metropolitan University - The Women's Library

Outros: ADC Theatre, Hay Festival of Literature & the Arts

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