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May 31, 2006
Nome Real
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Aviation, World War II, Napoleonic, General Military History (pre 1946)
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History major in college who went into computers to pay the bills and buy books. I've worked in my high school and college libraries and in a used bookstore. No weekend is complete without a visit to at least one bookstore. I'm definitely a book collector and have not read all of the books I own. Yet there's always at least one book I'm in the process of reading at any time. The books that sparked my interests years ago are Quentin Reynolds "They Fought for the Sky", Paul Carrell's "Scorched Earth", William Green's "Warplanes of the Third Reich", Toliver and Constable's "Horrido", David Chandler's "Campaigns of Napoleon". Two good friends from years ago also helped my interest in Napoleonic history. The first, a high school buddy with the best personal library I'd ever seen up to that time and who could talk for a couple of hours explaining Napoleon's Russian Campaign. This was reinforced in college by a friend who taught a two week course on Napoleonic wargames.
Orange County, CA
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