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Aug 19, 2011
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I loved Pepys rating system, as I found it genuinely helpful. I will endeavor to emulate him as it helps me to remember my own standards.

Star ratings are defined as:
5 stars - Life Changing - I will reread. This will stay with me forever.
4 stars - Enjoyable - I will read others of this author's work. I liked it and would recommend to others.
3 stars - Enjoyable - I liked, but wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
2 stars - Who Cares - I don't hate it or love it. There were some good aspects but I didn't remember anything.
1 star - Why Oh Why - I will give away this book and hope someone takes it but no one deserves to read this even for free. I don't like it and would have saved some brain cells by not bothering. Good thing I won't remember it anyways.

Eras are defined as:
Georgian 1714–1837
Victorian 1837–1901
Edwardian 1901–1914
WWI 1914–1918
InterWar 1918–1939
WWII 1939–1945
Post WWII 1945-1960
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I am a person that likes to collect books. I also enjoy reading them. I'm trying to revert a little off of my eReader, but it's just so convienent! Nonetheless, it seems that nothing stops me from spending ridiculous amounts of money on beautiful books that I must acquire. I was drawn here upon discovering the Folio Society, and now my wallet is on it's knees. LibraryThing is an enabler as I find more books that I want to own. Thanks guys!
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