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I am part of that eccentric minority that includes books they read-but-not-own in the LT list. My library currently lists everything I have read since 1985, when I was a teenager. I think such a list provides a better guide to my interests than a list solely of what I own. I get most of my reading material from libraries, since I don’t have an infinite amount of money to buy everything I decide to read, and even if I did have that much money, a lot of what I read would not be worth buying. (Though if I had an infinite amount of money, this wouldn’t matter.)

I am finally cataloguing the piles and shelves of books I own. Books I own are in the “your library” collection; books I read are in “read but unowned”; books which I haven’t confirmed ownership of are in “provisionally owned”. Some books may be more than one collection.
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I am a cataloguer in an academic library. I hope this will elucidate to those of you who have heard from me why I have an obsession with keeping the LT data accurate.
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