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My library consists of a pretty strange and diverse collection. Like most bibliophiles, I feel the overwhelming need to own anything and everything that catches my attention--checking it out from a library just will not do. It must be sitting proudly on my shelf (or at least in one of the multiple book stashes hidden around the house). I don't like to read too much of any one author, time period, series, or genre at once, so I jump around quite a bit. I have a respect for the classics, but not a holy reverence--some of it was important to a particular place and time, but that doesn't automatically make it of interest to me. I love anything concerning the mythology of any culture, the ancient world, the Vietnam War, Southern literature, and absolutely anything that will make me laugh.
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What is a snat? In Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake, a snat is a genetic splice between a snake and a rat. Sadly, the snat ran amok and, as quickly as it was created, it had to be eradicated. Am I trying to say anything about myself in my selection of a screen name? No; it was a desperation move because it was the only damn thing I could get to work after about fifty other failed attempts at creating a screen name NOT already taken by someone else. If I saw "sorry, that name is already in use" one more time, I was going to snap like a dry twig.

Some of my favorite things (other than books, of course): the word "kerfuffle," David Bowie, Pulp Fiction, amaretto sours, blankets, Eddie Izzard, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Ziggy the iPod, Toffifay, Dorothy Parker quotes, the remainder table at any bookstore, "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones, koalas, Starbucks Java Chip ice cream, and Firefly (the television series). Also, sarcasm, cynicism, and pessimism.
Jonesboro, Arkansas
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Livrarias: Barnes & Noble Booksellers - The Mall at Turtle Creek, Dickson Street Bookshop

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