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May 1, 2007
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James Goddard
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My book collection consists of about 5000 hardcover first editions, many signed by their authors, predominatly science fiction (strong in titles from the 1960s to the present day) but with contemporary mainstream authors--Peter Carey, Thomas Kenneally, Paul Theroux, Doris Lessing, Angela Carter and others--well represented. I also have a couple of thousand (at least) SF paperbacks and many hundreds of magazines and some manuscript material.
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Here's a bit about me filched from another source:

In the early 1970s James Goddard edited and published the critical journal Cypher, which attracted contributions from many well-known writers including Brian Aldiss, Kingsley Amis, J. G. Ballard, Bob Shaw, John Brunner, Edmund Cooper and James Blish. Cypher was the first, and is still the only, journal of its kind to have received an element of Arts Council funding, via Southern Arts.

In 1971 he published the first J. G. Ballard bibliography. In the mid 1970s he collaborated with Interzone editor David Pringle in editing the Ballard festschrift J. G. Ballard: the First 20 Years (Brans Head Books, 1976). In 1977 he contributed three of the major articles to The Visual Encyclopedia of Science Fiction edited by Brian Ash (Pan Books, 1977 in paperback, Triune Books, 1978 in hardcover).

James was a regular contributor of articles, reviews and interviews to the magazine Science Fiction Monthly and was also instrumental in acquiring several works of fiction for that magazine. During the late 1970s and early 1980s he was a science fiction advisor to and reader for Fontana Paperbacks.

In the mid 1980s he was one of the principals of, and editor for, Britain's first SF small press, Kerosina Publications, which published books by Brian Aldiss, Philip K. Dick, Gene Wolfe, Richard Cowper, Keith Roberts, D. G. Compton, Michael Bishop, John Brunner and others. He was secretary of the UK chapter of the international association of science fiction professionals, World SF, for several years during the same period and also edited the World SF Newsletter.

He has published some fiction and poetry in obscure places. He was a literary agent for a short period during the 1980s and has been a secondhand bookseller for many years. He currently maintains The Official Brian W. Aldiss Web Site as well as sites about the life and work of J. G. Ballard, Keith Roberts and Ian R. MacLeod.

I'm currently working with a new British publisher--Leonaur Ltd (
East Yorkshire, England
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