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Acerca da Minha Biblioteca
Because I have been a librarian for over 30 years, I tend to borrow my books from a variety of libraries. My own library contains books that have been given to me as gifts (not too many people give librarians books,though)or those of a collectable nature. If I do buy popular books, I lend them out as soon as I read them and don't ask for them back.
Acerca de Mim
As well as being an avid reader, I am a high school librarian. Therefore, I read many young adult books as well as adult books. I tend to read those books that reflect the "human condition" so lean heavily towards realistic fiction, as well as historical fiction. I do not enjoy science fiction at all, but will read fantasy occasionally as long as it is not "high fantasy". This has made a colleague and fellow reader to create a new genre just for me. He calls it "realistic science fiction"!
Ballston Spa, NY

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