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Currently, my listed books are not a list of all the books I've read, but rather, primarily what I own at the moment. My own little library is relatively small, as I've just recently started collecting books properly within the past five years, but I hope in time it will grow.

Here I post what I own, and I don't update it much. For actual updates and a list of what I'm currently reading, check my goodreads.
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Hello! I'm Chey, a twenty old female book lover.

I'm not quite sure how to go about describing my taste in books, but let's see. Looking at the genres I enjoy, and what I read most of.. I'd have to say that I have a literary interest in historical fiction, classics, children's novels, folklore, poetry, manga, botany and French literature, to name a few.

I tend to be a bit picky with what I read, and I occasionally read more than one book at a time. (Usually one non-fiction, one fiction.)

I think myself a quiet, amiable, friendly person. I adore tiny wild birds, music, and lilacs. I'm convinced I won't bite you, so feel free to say hello.
Vancouver, B.C, Canada
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