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Tomorrow the world : Hitler, Northwest Africa, and the path toward America por Norman J. W. Goda

The loom of history por Herbert Joseph Muller

Weight Watchers Versatile Vegetarian por Weight Watchers

Operating manual for spaceship earth por R. Buckminster Fuller

The Seven Who Fled por Prokosch Frederic

Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae por Steven Pressfield

The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays por Albert Camus

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Sobre mimLink to my most recent YouTube video:

My Reading Thread

Earliest piece of moral instruction recalled: "Books are our friends!"

Earliest memories of deep emotional attachment to books:
1) Crying inconsolably at "The Ugly Duckling", age 3
2) A beloved painting of early childhood-- a triptych-- from the old Leary's Book Store in Philadelphia. It featured a young boy in pajamas, carrying a candle, circa 1850. First panel has him creeping downstairs in the dark of night. The second has him huddled over a precious tome. In the third, he sneaks back upstairs before he can be caught.

If anyone can identify this painting, kindly let me know. I've been looking for a long time!

UPDATE: Triptych found, and now serves as my profile picture above

Cherished attitude about one's library as expressed in fiction:

"My books stand as guarantors of an extended life -- a life that is far more interesting and meaningful than the one I am forced to lead daily." -- roughly recalled from memory of Saul Bellow's Dangling Man

Feelings about the Tag Cloud: A 21st century snapshot of one's mind and one's interests. Complements traditional modes of self-definition.

One View I Have of Life, somewhat aspirational:

Authors Good Enough to Place Among My Least Favorite Authors: Iain M Banks, Cormac McCarthy, Don Delillo

Sobre a minha bibliotecaYour Library here includes only books I own, with a small exception listed below.* I find the cataloging functions of LT primarily useful to me for managing and working with my actual library, and to connect me to others with similar books and interests. I do not see any use in tracking whether I have read or am reading a book. I do find it useful to track which of my books are top priorities for future reading (TBR). I have no category for books read but not owned, nor do I maintain wishlists on the site.

My Connections are generated from most of my library, minus science fiction and fiction, as these books were skewing MWYB too much.

*I have included in my library a small number of books I have read as audio books in the car from the library. There are also a handful tagged as "unowned", usually books I've borrowed, read, and returned

My interests as they relate to books:

I love books, love learning, love scholarship. I have a deep and abiding curiosity about the universe and about the miracle of our existence in it. I love impossible questions like “Why is there something rather than nothing?” I am deeply grateful for the capacity for awe and wonder.

What do I like to read? Fiction and nonfiction. Poetry and drama. I cut my teeth on science fiction and classics, but I have always read voraciously and widely.

I am obsessed with history in general, but am a hungry consumer of science, history of science, physics and biology in particular, psychology, geology, anthropology, human evolution, paleobiology, cosmology, biography. I love art and I love the creative process, mine and that of other people! I have never yet known more than momentary boredom.

Somehow, all of the above is reflected in my library.

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