to-read (2), Great Book (2), fiction (1), True Clancy book (1), but he succeeded beyond that and brought to life the story of a small community and the contribution they provided to winning World War II. For any WW II history buff this is a must read! For everyone else (1), William Geroux laid out for all to see just how the Merchant Marine sailed into harm's way despite the lack of support and even contempt by many to ensure that the supplies and men needed to fight on land and sea were supplied and replenished. He brought (1), Typical Clancy great story and so relevant in today's world (1), I read this book a long time ago and the story starts out very believable but dives into the realm of fantasy. But overall it was a fun and good read! (1), which makes it sometimes difficult to understand the old English terms and spellings. The Authors do try to help some with sporadic clarifications and modern spellings or meanings of one word to what we use today. This being said I liked it for its histo (1), that being said there is a lot of actual time period documents copied into and as part of the story of the book (1), This is true historical non-fiction (1), all the action along with the extraordinary plot to combine to make an exciting story that you don't want to put down! (1), heavy use of old English (1), Frist by Clancy and his best (1), historical fiction (1), Maritime Thriller (1), Spice (1), Thriller (1), Suspense (1), Mystery (1), Classic (1), Viet Nam (1), thriller (1), this should be required reading so that the story of so many brave souls is remembered for their contribution to an allied victory. Well done Mr. Geroux and thank you for bringing this story alive and to its proper place in history! (1)
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Feb 28, 2022
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Rick McCann
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I have read a lot through the years and have a verity of genres to my credit. Overall my favorite would be action and mystery thrillers with a military flavor. I loved the early Tom Clancy, Jake Grafton, and Dale Brown novels.
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I'm retired from the Merchant Marine where I sailed professionally for 50 years. I began writing my novel many years ago and then the search for an agent and/or publisher, finally in October of 2021 my book, "Two If By Sea," was published! So, I guess you could say that I'm tenacious and once I start something I will keep at it until I see it through!

Cape May, New Jersey
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