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Brimstone por Douglas Preston

Grimms Complete Fairy Tales por Jacob Grimm

Rabbit, Run por John Updike

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume Three por Jonathan Strahan

Playing For Keeps por Mur Lafferty

The Outsider por Stephen King

Tale of the Body Thief por Anne Rice

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This profile: is a companion to my original thegreattim. The point of this is an independent reading list, since I do not want to corrupt my library data. This is a complete list of every book I have ever read. (Although I am sure I am missing many earlier read works!) Looking at my low numbers makes me wish I had not spent so much time re-reading books when I was younger! Oh, what I have missed... Anyway, please feel free to make recommendations or suggestions in the comments.

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These are only books I have read. While I own some, many I do not. (Although I wish I did) As apposed to my personal library profile, (see "about me" above) where I am meticulous about book data, here I am going only for the cover art of the original edition I read. There are a few rules I set up when I started compiling this life time list in Feb. '03 which are as follows:

1. The book has to have more space dedicated to words than pictures. (Ocassionaly subject to debate) (If it does have a lot of pics, text alone should be in the range of 100 pages)
2. I have to remember major plot points of these books (if I am unsure, I do not list it)
3. Short stories don't count unless published in a collection. Then they count as one. For a novella to count in should be in the neighborhood of 100 pages.
4. After much deliberation I have decided that, as long as they are unabridged, audio books will count as well. This includes books podcasted serialy, but not short-form podcasts; only complete novels. Well, pretty much the same rules as above, but for audio (3+ hours for shorter works would qualify... you get the idea).

Tagging: will be based on year read, followed by author's last name. Also included sometimes is the tag ***, which is a qualifier I am using for my favorite book by any given author. Obviously if I have only read one book by someone, they automatically get the "fav tag" for that book. As far as the year tag goes, sometimes it's a guess/approximation for the older works. Lastly is the either the tag "In Hand" for books I've read in paper format, "By Ear" for books I've listened to, or "Via Nook" for all manner of ebooks. Or a combination of the above, if that is the case - in such circumstances you'd probably find two or more "year" tags. Since I've re-read so many books over the years (and can't remember them all- darn the lack of forsight) only books re-read since the 2003 start of this list will receive double (or triple, etc..) year tags.

Reviews, a note: Any books I review that I own are over on my thegreattim profile. Any books I review that are not owned will be on this profile.

Grupos1001 Books to read before you die, 50 Book Challenge, King's Dear Constant Readers, Science Fiction Fans, Tom Robbins Lovers

Autores favoritosPaul Auster, Stephen Baxter, Ray Bradbury, Ted Chiang, Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Crane, Ted Dekker, Cory Doctorow, Umberto Eco, Stephen Jay Gould, James Halperin, Stephen Hawking, Graham Joyce, Stephen King, C. S. Lewis, Cormac McCarthy, George Orwell, Chaim Potok, Ayn Rand, Tom Robbins, Adam Roberts, Carl Sagan, Scarlett Thomas (Favoritos partilhados)

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