Dec 4, 2005
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My tags go something like this:
"read" - I've read the whole book at some point in my life. I may not remember much about it, but I did read it!
"read part" - I started reading the book but didn't finish. Maybe I got distracted. Maybe I didn't like it.
"reading" - same as above except I'm hoping to finish it, someday...
"skimmed" - I checked it out but didn't bother reading the whole thing.
"to read" - A book that I plan to read, but haven't yet
"check out" - A book that interests me, but not enough to put it on my wishlist before I take a closer look
"wishlist" - Please go to and buy it for me

I typically rate every book that I've read completely. The reason there are not many books with a 1 or 2-star rating is that I rarely finish books that don't interest me, and sometimes I don't feel it's fair to rate a book without having read the whole thing. Although sometimes I do anyway.
Kingston, NH
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