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Samuel Williamson
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You'll find a lot of gay & lesbian fiction and non-fiction, gender studies stuff, Australian literature, YA and juvenile literature, fantasy and horror and books about history (especially Australian, American and Scandinavian) and mythology, atheism and psychology, sociology and natural history (biology, evolution, dinosaurs!) in my library. I have too many interests and not enough time in my life to read up on all of them, so the result is a jumbled mess of a million things that may or may not be related!

Academically I'm really interested in Australian (especially modern) literature and Gothic literature, alongside modern horror and mythology.

My library includes books owned by both me and my partner, who studies biology. He has special interests in ecology and entomology, so you'll likely find a lot of that here, too.
Acerca de Mim
I'm a 23-year-old, agender, recent college graduate with a BA in English. In the next year I plan on pursuing my Ph.D in Gothic literature.

I currently support myself by taking orders for crocheted items and other crafty things. You can see my gallery here ( though soon I'll have another gallery on my own webspace (

I also have my own booklog ( where I blog about the books I'm reading and other book-related things. I try to cross-post reviews if I can.
Pittsburgh, PA
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