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Editora: Skyhorse Publishing

Acerca de Skyhorse Publishing


We opened our doors in 2006 committed to bringing the world a broad mix of books. With forty-three New York Times bestsellers, more than 6,000 books on our backlist, and over 900 titles planned over the next year, we've shown no signs of slowing down since 2011, when Publishers Weekly called us the fastest-growing small publisher in America. The core categories of our Skyhorse imprint include outdoor sports, adventure, team sports, nature, and country living, with a good dose of politics, true crime, history and military history, reference, and humor—practical, literary, and general trade. Whether you are looking for a guide to fly tying, a lively read about organized crime or the world of politics, or the perfect gift, we hope you'll find what you are looking for on our list. With eighteen imprints, we publish children's books as Sky Pony Press, regional sports books from Sports Publishing, practical books for creative professionals from Allworth Press, and literary fiction and nonfiction from Arcade Publishing and Yucca Publishing, including the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature winner Mo Yan. In fall 2011, we began to copublish the Not For Tourists series of travel guides. In 2012, we introduced the Helios series on philosophy, religion, and psychology. In 2013, we added the science fiction and fantasy publishers Night Shade Books and Talos Press, health titles from Gary Null Publishing, and Carrel Books, offering perfect selection for library adaption. In 2014 we acquired Good Books, which features the bestselling Fix-It and Forget-It series. In 2015 we launched our newest imprint Hot Books, offering important newsworthy books curated by editor and bestselling author David Talbot. In 2016, Skyhorse launched a new venture to extend its brand into the TV, film and streaming digital arenas, teaming up with Thank You, Brain! Productions. Skyhorse is distributed by Perseus Books Group in the United States and overseas and also by Thomas Allen & Son in Canada.… (mais)

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