Séries de Livros de AurumCalendula

Séries a que os livros na biblioteca de AurumCalendula pertencem

Resumo: 327 Série

Alliance-Union Universe

Alliance-Union Universe: Publishing order


American Gods

Anne Lister Diaries

Anne of Green Gables

Ariadne Oliver

Ballad of Sword and Wine


Batwoman [2011]

Batwoman [complete]

Batwoman: Rebirth

Bedlam's Bard

Beebo Brinker Chronicles

Beebo Brinker Chronicles, chronological

Beka Cooper

Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year


The Black Jewels Series

Blackshear Family

Bollywood Confidential

The Bone Witch

Border Magic universe



Bradfield Trilogy

Bristol Trilogy

The Broken Earth

The Brothers Sinister

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8

Burning Kingdoms

The Cabots

Capital Wolves


Carolus Rex

Carstairs Affairs

A Charm of Magpies

A Charm of Magpies World

Cheshire Red Reports

Civil War trilogy

Clear and Muddy Loss of Love

The Clockwork Century

Clorinda Cathcart's Circle

Colonel Race

The Comfortable Courtesan

The Company Wars

The Company Wars: Publishing order

Cosa Nostradamus

Crier's War

Crown and Court



The Daoshi Chronicles

The Dark is Rising Sequence

Dark Passions (Star Trek)

DC Rebirth

Delightfully Deadly


Destiny (Jenkins)

Detective Comics Vol. 1 [1937-2011] (collections)

The Diabolist's Library


Discworld: City Watch

Discworld: Death

Discworld: Gods

Discworld: Industrial

Discworld: Susan

Dominion of the Fallen

The Doomsday Books

Dozois Year's Best Science Fiction

Dragon Age

Dragons and Blades



Drowned World

Dykes to Watch Out For

The Earthsea Cycle

Elemental Logic

The Elemental Masters

Eleventh Hour

Empress of the World


The Enchanted Forest Chronicles {Patricia C. Wrede}

England World


The Eternal Sky

The Exclamatory Series

Fairy Tales for Younger Readers

Fallen [Davidson]

Fantasy Medley

Female General and Eldest Princess

Feminine Pursuits




The Gardener's Hand

The Gentlemen of Uncertain Fortune

George Smiley

Georgian Rakehells

Gold Sky

Golden Terrace

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

Great War

Green Men

Greenhollow Duology


Gunpowder Chronicles

Hainish Cycle

Hainish Cycle, Chronological

The Harwood Spellbook

Heaven Official's Blessing

Hell's Library

Hercule Poirot

Highland Menage

The House of LeVeq

Hurston Hill

I'd Like to F… Anthologies


Imperial Radch

In the Dark

In the Time of the Sixth Sun

The Inheritance Trilogy

Innsmouth Legacy

The Intellectual Devotional

Into Shadow (Amazon)

Invisible Library

Irene Adler

Islands of Blood and Storm


Jacob's Ladder

Jane Bond Parody Series

Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse

Jenny Casey

The Julian Lynes & Ned Mathey Mysteries

Karen Memory

Karla Trilogy

Kate Kane, Paranormal Investigator

Kate Martinelli

Kei X Yaku: Bound by Law

The Kingston Cycle

Kitty Norville

Kushiel's Legacy

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet

Lady Sherlock

Ladylike Inclinations

The Last Binding


Legends and Lattes {Chronological Order}

Legends and Lattes {Publication Order}

Lilywhite Boys {Chronological}

Lilywhite Boys {Publication}

Little Mushroom

Lively St. Lemeston [Lerner]

The Locked Tomb

London Below

London Calling

London Highwaymen

The London Underground

Looking Backward series

Lost in Time

The Lotus Palace Mysteries

The Loyal League

The Loyal Pin

Lucky Lovers of London

Las Léonas

The Machineries of Empire

Magic in Ithkar

Magic in Manhattan

Mammoth Book of Best New Science Fiction


Mary Russell

Mary Russell: Chronological Order

The Masquerade

Mental Floss

Mental Floss - Fab Four


Miss Marple

Miss Marple: Chronological

Modern Tales of Faerie

Ms. Right

Murder Ballads and Whiskey

The Murderbot Diaries

Murderbot Diaries : Chronological order

Nancy Clue Mysteries

The Necromancer Chronicles

The Necromantic Mysteries of Kyle Murchison Booth

New 52

New Amsterdam, by internal chronology

New Amsterdam, by publication date

The New Policeman

Newford Stories


No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

The Nowhere

Obsidian and Blood

Old Bridge Inn

Old Kingdom

Old West

Old-Fashioned Cupcake

Once Upon a Time