Controversial Books for BreyannaNelson

This page shows the most "controversial" books in this library, as measured by the highest standard deviation of members' star ratings.

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Standard Deviation Average Rating Your Rating Título
1.031 3.61 Daddy's Roommate por Michael Willhoite
1.003 3.93 The Reasons for Seasons por Gail Gibbons
0.998 3.9 When Sophie Gets Angry -- Really, Really Angry... por Molly Bang
0.973 3.8 Who Has What?: All About Girls' Bodies and Boys' Bodies por Robie H. Harris
0.946 4.26 Keats's Neighborhood por Ezra Jack Keats
0.942 4.13 No, David! por David Shannon
0.888 4.16 The Snowy Day por Ezra Jack Keats
0.873 4.06 The Doorbell Rang por Pat Hutchins
0.87 3.44 Changes, Changes por Pat Hutchins
0.866 3.9 Peekaboo Morning por Rachel Isadora
0.843 4.25 Amazing Grace por Mary Hoffman
0.835 4.05 When a Pet Dies por Fred Rogers
0.834 4.43 What Do You Do With an Idea? por Kobi Yamada
0.829 3.98 Ben's Trumpet por Rachel Isadora
0.801 4.13 Two Homes por Claire Masurel
0.797 3.8 Too Purpley! por Jean Reidy
0.772 4.1 Where the River Begins por Thomas Locker
0.748 4.11 Big Words for Little People por Jamie Lee Curtis
0.735 4.19 Old Mikamba Had a Farm por Rachel Isadora
0.638 4.33 A puppy for Annie por Kim Lewis