Controversial Books for DanielSchoenmann

This page shows the most "controversial" books in this library, as measured by the highest standard deviation of members' star ratings.

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Standard Deviation Avaliação Média Your Rating Título
1.227 3.43 Dungeons and Dragons Core Rulebook Gift Set, 4th Edition por Andy Collins
1.191 3.27 The Secret Lives of Buildings: From the Ruins of the Parthenon to the Vegas Strip in Thirteen Stories por Edward Hollis
1.181 3.48 The Decision Book: Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking por Mikael Krogerus
1.179 3.11 The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Parenting por Joshua Piven
1.168 3.5 Evolution vs. Creationism: An Introduction por Eugenie C. Scott
1.131 3.3 The Land That Never Was: Sir Gregor Macgregor and the Most Audacious Fraud in History por David Sinclair
1.124 3.42 Crossroads of Twilight por Robert Jordan
1.116 3.6 The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science por Natalie Angier
1.1 3.32 The Real Middle-Earth: Magic and Mystery in the Dark Ages por Brian Bates
1.095 3.5 Gunpowder: The Explosive That Changed the World por Jack Kelly
1.088 3.44 Bandits por Eric Hobsbawm
1.083 3.88 Critique of Pure Reason por Immanuel Kant
1.082 3.45 The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror por Bernard Lewis
1.069 3.85 The Silmarillion por J. R. R. Tolkien
1.066 3.69 The Historian por Elizabeth Kostova
1.045 3.95 Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell por Susanna Clarke
1.044 3.53 Winter's Heart por Robert Jordan
1.043 3.53 Worlds of Arthur: Facts and Fictions of the Dark Ages por Guy Halsall
1.035 3.71 Black Mass: Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia por John Gray
1.031 3.48 The Myth of Nations: The Medieval Origins of Europe por Patrick J. Geary
1.026 3.51 The Path of Daggers por Robert Jordan
1.026 4.05 Thorgal, Tome 15: Le Maître des Montagnes por Grzegorz Rosiński
1.016 3.34 From Eden to Exile: Unraveling Mysteries of the Bible por Eric H. Cline
1.012 3.76 The Wealth and Poverty of Nations: Why Some are So Rich and Some So Poor por David S. Landes
1.007 3.51 The Craftsman por Richard Sennett
1.003 3.43 I Never Knew That About London por Christopher Winn
1.002 3.9 The Case for God por Karen Armstrong
1 3.32 Lords of the Horizons: A History of the Ottoman Empire por Jason Goodwin
0.997 3.99 Wolf Hall por Hilary Mantel
0.994 4.04 Landscape and Memory por Simon Schama
0.99 3.95 The Goldfinch por Donna Tartt
0.988 4.13 On the Origin of Species por Charles Darwin
0.986 3.55 The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime por Miles Harvey
0.984 3.85 Sea of Faith: Islam and Christianity in the Medieval Mediterranean World por Stephen O'Shea
0.984 4.14 Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth por Chris Ware
0.983 4.09 The "Hitler Myth": Image and Reality in the Third Reich por Ian Kershaw
0.98 3.79 Bildung - Alles, was man wissen muß por Dietrich Schwanitz
0.979 4.02 How Real Is Real? por Paul Watzlawick
0.979 3.61 A Crown of Swords por Robert Jordan
0.978 3.85 The Wit And Wisdom of Discworld por Terry Pratchett
0.977 3.54 Al Qaeda and What It Means to Be Modern por John Gray
0.972 3.73 The Pity of War: Explaining World War I por Niall Ferguson
0.97 3.82 S. por Doug Dorst
0.968 3.7 Ancient Mysteries por Peter James
0.968 3.72 The Prince por Niccolò Machiavelli
0.968 3.84 The Art of War por Sun Tzu
0.968 3.23 Stupid White Men ...and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation! por Michael Moore
0.966 4.01 The Eye of the World por Robert Jordan
0.965 3.78 An Atlas of Countries that Don't Exist: A Compendium of Fifty Unrecognized and Largely Unnoticed States por Nick Middleton
0.964 3.61 After the Ice: A Global Human History 20,000-5000 BC por Steven Mithen
0.963 3.86 Terry Jones' Barbarians por Terry Jones
0.963 3.48 The Colosseum por Keith Hopkins
0.96 3.48 I Know You Got Soul por Jeremy Clarkson
0.959 3.85 The Making of Europe por Robert Bartlett
0.957 3.86 The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth por Robert Foster
0.956 3.78 Lord of Chaos por Robert Jordan
0.954 3.84 The infinity of lists: from Homer to Joyce por Umberto Eco
0.952 3.95 Strange Maps: An Atlas of Cartographic Curiosities por Frank Jacobs
0.947 3.74 Salt: A World History por Mark Kurlansky
0.946 3.47 World War One: A Short History por Norman Stone
0.945 3.87 Knife of Dreams por Robert Jordan
0.942 4.03 The Odyssey por Homer
0.942 3.78 In Search of the Dark Ages por Michael Wood
0.941 3.33 Medici Money: Banking, Metaphysics, and Art in Fifteenth-Century Florence por Tim Parks
0.938 4.1 In the Spirit of Crazy Horse por Peter Matthiessen
0.938 3.4 Does Anything Eat Wasps?: And 101 Other Questions (New Scientist) por New Scientist
0.937 3.55 Killing Hitler: The Plots, The Assassins, and the Dictator Who Cheated Death por Roger Moorhouse
0.936 4.04 Show Me How: 500 Things You Should Know Instructions for Life From the Everyday to the Exotic por Lauren Smith
0.935 3.82 The Fires of Heaven por Robert Jordan
0.932 3.74 New Spring por Robert Jordan
0.932 3.93 The Shadow Rising por Robert Jordan
0.93 4.17 What Great Paintings Say por Rose-Marie Hagen
0.929 3.92 Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology por Kenneth L. Feder
0.928 3.56 The Age of Consent: A Manifesto for a New World Order por George Monbiot
0.926 4.13 Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders por Joshua Foer
0.924 3.37 A Genius for Deception: How Cunning Helped the British Win Two World Wars por Nicholas Rankin
0.924 3.86 The Children of Húrin por J. R. R. Tolkien
0.923 3.52 Comrades!: A History of World Communism por Robert Service
0.923 3.6 Marx: A Very Short Introduction por Peter Singer
0.92 3.98 London: The Biography por Peter Ackroyd
0.92 3.72 Coal: A Human History por Barbara Freese
0.919 4 A History of Private Life, Volume 3: Passions of the Renaissance por Roger Chartier
0.919 3.7 Dry Storeroom No. 1: The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum por Richard Fortey
0.918 4.08 Sword at Sunset por Rosemary Sutcliff
0.917 3.63 Thorgal, Tome 02: L'Ile des Mers gelées por Grzegorz Rosiński
0.916 3.95 Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice por Colin Renfrew
0.915 3.57 Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies por Ian Buruma
0.914 3.75 Cosa Nostra: A History of the Sicilian Mafia por John Dickie
0.914 4.04 Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution, Volume 1 por Simon Schama
0.909 3.99 Flashman por George MacDonald Fraser
0.908 3.54 Library: An Unquiet History por Matthew Battles
0.906 3.89 In Search of the Trojan War por Michael Wood
0.905 3.92 A Short History of Progress por Ronald Wright
0.903 3.75 The Inheritance of Rome: Illuminating the Dark Ages, 400-1000 por Chris Wickham
0.901 4.34 The Safeguard of the Sea: A Naval History of Britain 660-1649 por N. A. M. Rodger
0.901 3.34 Genghis Khan: Life, Death, and Resurrection por John Man
0.901 3.72 News from an Unknown Universe por Frank Schätzing
0.901 3.57 Big History: From the Big Bang to the Present por Cynthia Stokes Brown
0.9 3.59 The Men Who Stare at Goats por Jon Ronson
0.9 3.39 The House By the Thames: And the People Who Lived There por Gillian Tindall
0.9 3.63 Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions Are Next to Worthless, and You Can Do Better por Dan Gardner
0.899 3.83 Schott's Original Miscellany por Ben Schott
0.896 3.66 Thorgal, Tome 01: La Magicienne Trahie por Jean Van Hamme
0.896 3.98 The Dragon Reborn por Robert Jordan
0.895 3.75 The Classical World: An Epic History from Homer to Hadrian por Robin Lane Fox
0.895 3.83 Speeches that Changed the World por Simon Sebag Montefiore
0.894 3.58 Nathaniel's Nutmeg por Giles Milton
0.893 3.67 Thorgal, Tome 18: L'épée-soleil por Grzegorz Rosiński
0.892 3.72 How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy por Orson Scott Card
0.89 4.11 The Phantom Atlas: The Greatest Myths, Lies and Blunders on Maps por Edward Brooke-Hitching
0.888 3.71 Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet por Karen Armstrong
0.887 3.85 Lonely Planet Signspotting: Absurd & Amusing Signs from Around the World por Doug Lansky
0.886 3.89 Why the Allies Won por Richard Overy
0.884 4.12 Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies por Jared Diamond
0.88 4.01 Remarkable Creatures: Epic Adventures in the Search for the Origins of Species por Dr. Sean B. Carroll
0.88 3.6 The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity por Tariq Ali
0.88 3.81 The Consolations of Philosophy por Alain de Botton
0.878 3.71 Globalization and Its Discontents por Joseph E. Stiglitz
0.878 3.83 Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything por Steven D. Levitt
0.878 3.66 The Queen's Conjurer: The Science and Magic of Dr. John Dee, Adviser to Queen Elizabeth I por Benjamin Woolley
0.877 4.12 The Illustrated Brief History of Time, Updated and Expanded Edition por Stephen William Hawking
0.876 3.7 Gutenberg: How One Man Remade the World with Words por John Man
0.876 4 Information is Beautiful por David McCandless
0.876 3.8 Pyramids por Terry Pratchett
0.876 3.42 Millionaire : The Philanderer, Gambler, and Duelist Who Invented Modern Finance por Janet Gleeson
0.875 3.89 The Cold War: A New History por John Lewis Gaddis
0.875 3.95 The Pursuit of Glory: The Five Revolutions that Made Modern Europe: 1648-1815 (Penguin History of Europe) por Tim Blanning
0.875 3.12 100 Diagrams That Changed the World: From the Earliest Cave Paintings to the Innovation of the iPod por Scott Christianson
0.875 3.8 Description of Egypt por Gilles Néret
0.874 3.83 The Universe in a Nutshell por Stephen Hawking
0.874 3.41 Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History por David Aaronovitch
0.874 3.68 The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea por John Micklethwait
0.873 4.13 The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt's New World por Andrea Wulf
0.871 3.78 The Whale: In Search of the Giants of the Sea por Philip Hoare
0.869 3.62 The American Future: A History por Simon Schama
0.869 3.46 Prehistory: The Making of the Human Mind por Colin Renfrew
0.868 3.68 Schott's Food and Drink Miscellany por Ben Schott
0.867 4.27 The Hobbit por J. R. R. Tolkien
0.867 3.78 The Light Fantastic por Terry Pratchett
0.863 3.9 A History of Britain: At the Edge of the World? 3000 B.C. - 1603 A.D por Simon Schama
0.862 3.63 The Bookseller of Kabul por Åsne Seierstad
0.862 3.92 Tower: An Epic History of the Tower of London por Nigel Jones
0.861 3.86 Dungeon Master's Guide: Core Rulebook II (3.5) por Monte Cook
0.86 3.86 Thorgal, Tome 17: La Gardienne des Clés por Grzegorz Rosiński
0.858 3.65 The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World por Niall Ferguson
0.858 4.18 Stephen Biesty's Cross-Sections: Man-Of-War por Stephen Biesty
0.857 3.91 Faith and Treason: The Story of the Gunpowder Plot por Antonia Fraser
0.857 3.7 Sourcery por Terry Pratchett
0.856 4.25 Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch por Terry Pratchett
0.856 3.57 Classics: A Very Short Introduction por Mary Beard
0.856 3.46 What Went Wrong?: The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East por Bernard Lewis
0.856 3.91 Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA por Tim Weiner
0.855 3.67 The Subterranean Railway: How the London Underground Was Built and How It Changed the City Forever por Christian Wolmar
0.854 4.25 Harry Potter - A History of Magic: The Book of the Exhibition por British Library
0.853 3.88 Thorgal, Tome 14: Aaricia por Grzegorz Rosiński
0.852 4.08 The Book of Legendary Lands por Umberto Eco
0.852 3.39 The World of King Arthur por Christopher Snyder
0.852 4.06 The Americans: The National Experience por Daniel J. Boorstin
0.851 3.79 A Thread Across the Ocean: The Heroic Story of the Transatlantic Cable por John Steele Gordon
0.85 3.73 A History of the Arab Peoples por Albert Hourani
0.85 3.63 Atlas of Improbable Places: A Journey to the World's Most Unusual Corners por Travis Elborough
0.849 3.64 The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium por Robert Lacey
0.847 3.86 A History of Scotland por Neil Oliver
0.847 3.85 Terry Jones' Medieval Lives por Terry Jones
0.846 3.8 Ancestral Journeys: The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings por Jean Manco
0.846 3.81 Equal Rites por Terry Pratchett
0.846 3.92 Jerusalem: The Biography por Simon Sebag Montefiore
0.845 3.81 King, Kaiser, Tsar: Three Royal Cousins Who Led the World to War por Catrine Clay
0.845 3.87 Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time por Dava Sobel
0.845 3.56 The Jesuit and the Skull: Teilhard de Chardin, Evolution, and the Search for Peking Man por Amir Aczel
0.844 4.14 Gods, Graves & Scholars: The Story of Archaeology por C. W. Ceram
0.841 3.92 Making globalization work : the next steps to global justice por Joseph E. Stiglitz
0.841 3.84 The Gun por C. J. Chivers
0.841 4.26 Atlas of Remote Islands: Fifty Islands I Have Never Set Foot on and Never Will por Judith Schalansky
0.84 3.4 Empire: A Very Short Introduction por Stephen Howe
0.837 3.43 The Templars: The Dramatic History of the Knights Templar, the Most Powerful Military Order of the Crusades por Piers Paul Read
0.837 3.93 Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation por Joseph J. Ellis
0.836 4.23 The Most Dangerous Enemy: A History of the Battle of Britain por Stephen Bungay
0.835 3.65 Finding Atlantis: A True Story of Genius, Madness, and an Extraordinary Quest for a Lost World por David King
0.835 3.51 The Artist, the Philosopher, and the Warrior: The Intersecting Lives of Da Vinci, Machiavelli, and Borgia and the World They Shaped por Paul Strathern
0.834 3.96 Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed por Jared M. Diamond
0.833 3.65 By the Sword: A History of Gladiators, Musketeers, Samurai, Swashbucklers, and Olympic Champions por Richard Cohen
0.832 3.53 The Riddle and the Knight: In Search of Sir John Mandeville, the World's Greatest Traveller por Giles Milton
0.831 3.98 If a Pirate I Must Be...: The True Story of Bartholomew Roberts - King of the Caribbean por Richard Sanders
0.831 4.18 A Short History of Nearly Everything por Bill Bryson
0.831 3.85 Rough Crossings: Britain, the Slaves and the American Revolution por Simon Schama
0.83 3.59 The Great Wall: China Against the World, 1000 BC - AD 2000 por Julia Lovell
0.829 3.31 AD 500: A Journey Through the Dark Isles of Britain and Ireland por Simon Young
0.828 3.9 Unseen Academicals por Terry Pratchett
0.828 3.63 Churchill por Sebastian Haffner
0.828 3.98 Jingo por Terry Pratchett
0.827 4 The Book of Barely Imagined Beings: A 21st Century Bestiary por Caspar Henderson
0.826 3.65 The Spartacus War por Barry S. Strauss
0.822 3.69 The Great American Bathroom Book, Volume 1: Single-Sitting Summaries of All Time Great Books por Stevens W. Anderson
0.818 4.3 Banksy: Wall and Piece por Banksy
0.817 4.13 The Longest Day: The Classic Epic of D-Day por Cornelius Ryan
0.817 3.94 The Crusades through Arab Eyes por Amin Maalouf
0.816 3.94 The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings por Peter Sawyer
0.816 4.28 The LEGO Book por Daniel Lipkowitz
0.816 4.14 Thud! por Terry Pratchett
0.816 3.97 The Discovery of France: A Historical Geography por Graham Robb
0.816 4.33 The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East por Robert Fisk
0.814 3.64 A History of Warfare por Bernard Montgomery
0.814 4.08 The Unknown American Revolution: The Unruly Birth of Democracy and the Struggle to Create America por Gary B. Nash
0.811 3.76 Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power por Niall Ferguson
0.809 4.08 Pompeii: The Life of A Roman Town por Mary Beard
0.809 4.06 The Fifth Elephant por Terry Pratchett
0.809 3.84 How Rome Fell: Death of a Superpower por Adrian Goldsworthy
0.809 4.12 The Island at the Center of the World: The Epic Story of Dutch Manhattan and the Forgotten Colony That Shaped America por Russell Shorto
0.808 3.93 Thorgal, Tome 08: Alinoë por Grzegorz Rosiński
0.808 4.08 Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare? por James Shapiro
0.808 4.09 Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer por James L. Swanson
0.807 3.55 The Middle East: 2000 Years of History From the Rise of Christianity to the Present Day por Bernard Lewis
0.807 4.24 The Gathering Storm por Robert Jordan
0.806 3.85 Ancient Inventions por Peter James
0.805 3.69 The Discovery of King Arthur por Geoffrey Ashe
0.804 3.83 Thorgal, Tome 03: Les Trois Vieillards du pays d'Aran por Jean Van Hamme
0.803 3.8 Books: A Living History por Martyn Lyons
0.803 4.34 A Memory of Light por Robert Jordan
0.803 3.78 Byzantium: The Surprising Life of a Medieval Empire por Judith Herrin
0.802 3.95 The Rise and Fall of the British Empire por Lawrence James
0.802 3.73 Thorgal, Tome 04 : La Galère Noire por Jean Van Hamme
0.802 4.27 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee por Dee Brown
0.801 4.07 Thorgal, Tome 07: L'enfant des étoiles por Grzegorz Rosiński
0.801 3.42 Asterix and the Chieftain's Daughter por Jean-Yves Ferri
0.801 4.06 The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science por Richard Holmes
0.799 4.16 A History of the World in 100 Objects por Neil MacGregor
0.798 3.24 12 Books That Changed the World por Melvyn Bragg
0.798 4.12 Reaper Man por Terry Pratchett
0.798 4.38 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: A Trilogy in Four Parts por Douglas Adams
0.796 3.65 On the Map: why the World Looks the Way it Does por Simon Garfield
0.796 4.11 The Reformation por Diarmaid MacCulloch
0.795 4.02 Thorgal, Tome 12: La Cité du Dieu Perdu por Grzegorz Rosiński
0.795 3.79 Them: Adventures with Extremists por Jon Ronson
0.794 4.02 Lords and Ladies por Terry Pratchett
0.794 4.01 The Last Days of the Incas por Kim MacQuarrie
0.793 4.08 Thorgal, Tome 05: Au-delà des Ombres por Jean Van Hamme
0.792 4.16 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus por Charles C. Mann
0.791 3.86 Operation Mincemeat: The True Spy Story that Changed the Course of World War II por Ben Macintyre
0.791 3.71 Thorgal, Tome 19: La Forteresse Invisible por Jean Van Hamme
0.79 4.05 The Berlin Wall: 13 August 1961–9 November 1989 por Frederick Taylor
0.788 4.19 Guards! Guards! por Terry Pratchett
0.787 3.58 The Story of India por Michael Wood
0.785 3.57 Archaeology: A Very Short Introduction por Paul Bahn
0.785 4.19 The Scramble for Africa: 1876–1912 por Thomas Pakenham
0.784 3.76 A History of the World in 6 Glasses por Tom Standage
0.783 3.89 Great Maps: The World's Masterpieces Explored and Explained por Jerry Brotton
0.782 3.82 China in Ten Words por Yu Hua
0.78 3.89 Imperium por Robert Harris
0.78 4.02 Rubicon: The Last Years of the Roman Republic por Tom Holland
0.78 3.96 Roman Warfare por Adrian Goldsworthy
0.78 4.06 Frozen in Time: The Fate of the Franklin Expedition por Owen Beattie
0.78 4.52 O Senhor dos Anéis por J. R. R. Tolkien
0.778 3.73 Prosperity without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet por Tim Jackson
0.778 3.98 The Historical Atlas of New York City: A Visual Celebration of 400 Years of New York City's History por Eric Homberger
0.778 3.97 Grimoires: A History of Magic Books por Owen Davies
0.777 3.74 The Middle Sea: A History of the Mediterranean por John Julius Norwich
0.777 3.77 Hawkwood: Diabolical Englishman por Frances Stonor Saunders
0.777 3.83 Pathfinders: A Global History of Exploration por Felipe Fernández-Armesto
0.775 4.15 Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks por Ben Goldacre
0.773 4.12 Hitler's Empire: How the Nazis Ruled Europe por Mark Mazower
0.772 3.98 Britain BC: Life in Britain and Ireland before the Romans por Francis Pryor
0.772 3.89 Stalin's Folly: The Tragic First Ten Days of World War Two on the Eastern Front por Constantine Pleshakov
0.771 3.36 Attila the Hun por John Man
0.771 4.46 Earth from Above por Yann Arthus-Bertrand
0.77 3.94 The Ancient Celts por Barry Cunliffe
0.77 4.28 Towers of Midnight por Robert Jordan
0.769 4.13 Feet of Clay por Terry Pratchett
0.769 4 Britain AD: A Quest for Arthur, England and the Anglo-Saxons por Francis Pryor
0.768 3.93 The Age of Arthur: A History of the British Isles from 350 to 650 por John Morris
0.766 3.87 A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World por Tony Horwitz
0.765 4.45 Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era por James M. McPherson
0.765 4.09 Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World por Margaret MacMillan
0.765 4.54 Animalium: Welcome to the Museum por Jenny Broom
0.765 3.47 India: From Midnight to the Millennium por Shashi Tharoor
0.764 3.98 Thorgal, Tome 10: Le Pays Qâ por Grzegorz Rosiński
0.762 4.05 Why the West Rules—For Now: The Patterns of History, and What They Reveal About the Future por Ian Morris
0.762 3.18 Travelling Heroes: In the Epic Age of Homer por Robin Lane Fox
0.76 3.89 The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon por David Grann
0.76 3.87 Thorgal, Tome 06: La chute de Brek Zarith por Grzegorz Rosiński
0.759 4.38 Night Watch por Terry Pratchett
0.759 3.89 A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates por Daniel Defoe
0.757 3.59 Unruly Places: Lost Spaces, Secret Cities, and Other Inscrutable Geographies por Alastair Bonnett
0.757 3.95 Night Walks (Penguin Great Ideas) por Charles Dickens
0.755 3.84 Carthage Must Be Destroyed: The Rise and Fall of an Ancient Civilization por Richard Miles
0.754 3.93 The First Crusade: A New History por Thomas Asbridge
0.754 4.46 The Command of the Ocean: A Naval History of Britain, 1649-1815 por N. A. M. Rodger
0.753 3.58 Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu por Laurence Bergreen
0.75 4 Thorgal, Tome 11: Les Yeux de Tanatloc por Grzegorz Rosiński
0.75 3.46 Her Majesty's Spymaster: Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Walsingham, and the Birth of Modern Espionage por Stephen Budiansky
0.749 3.7 Swiss watching por Diccon Bewes
0.748 3.39 Franklin Delano Roosevelt por Roy Jenkins
0.748 3.09 Elizabeth's Spymaster: Francis Walsingham and the Secret War That Saved England por Robert Hutchinson
0.744 4.14 The Truth por Terry Pratchett
0.744 4.27 In Europe: Travels Through the Twentieth Century por Geert Mak
0.743 3.45 The Natural History of Unicorns por Chris Lavers
0.742 4.12 The Crusades: The Authoritative History of the War for the Holy Land por Thomas Asbridge
0.742 3.58 The Templars: The History and the Myth: From Solomon's Temple to the Freemasons por Michael Haag
0.741 3.46 Afterthoughts on Material Civilization and Capitalism por Fernand Braudel
0.74 3.49 Charlemagne por Derek Wilson
0.738 3.55 The Templars: The Secret History Revealed por Barbara Frale
0.738 4.21 Men at Arms por Terry Pratchett
0.735 4.2 Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes por Tamim Ansary
0.734 4 Europe Between the Oceans: 9000 BC-AD 1000 por Barry Cunliffe
0.732 4.14 SPQR : Uma História da Roma Antiga por Mary Beard
0.728 4.45 Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln por Doris Kearns Goodwin
0.728 3.95 D-Day: The Battle for Normandy por Antony Beevor
0.726 3.81 Millennium: The End of the World and the Forging of Christendom por Tom Holland
0.723 3.81 After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire since 1405 por John Darwin
0.723 3.74 Inventing Japan: 1853-1964 por Ian Buruma
0.722 4.09 Agincourt: The King, the Campaign, the Battle por Juliet Barker
0.72 3.96 Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire por Alex von Tunzelmann
0.72 3.55 The Dictators: Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia por Richard Overy
0.72 3.96 The Oxford Illustrated Prehistory of Europe por Barry Cunliffe
0.719 4.06 When Life Nearly Died: The Greatest Mass Extinction of All Time por Michael J. Benton
0.719 4 Thorgal, Tome 16: Louve por Grzegorz Rosiński
0.713 4.06 The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History of Rome and the Barbarians por Peter Heather
0.709 4.46 Peanuts: The Art of Charles M. Schulz por Charles M. Schulz
0.708 4.05 Persian Fire: The First World Empire and the Battle for the West por Tom Holland
0.704 3.94 Les vieux fourneaux - tome 1 - Ceux qui restent por Wilfrid Lupano
0.702 4.4 The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe por Theodore W. Gray
0.698 3.79 Fateful Choices: Ten Decisions That Changed the World, 1940-1941 por Ian Kershaw
0.697 4.59 The Complete Works of William Shakespeare por William Shakespeare
0.695 4.25 The Third Reich in Power por Richard J. Evans
0.695 4.53 The Complete Peanuts: 1959-1960 Dailies & Sundays por Charles M. Schulz
0.695 4.01 A History of Histories: Epics, Chronicles, Romances and Inquiries from Herodotus and Thucydides to the Twentieth Century por J. W. Burrow
0.689 4.31 Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire's Slaves por Adam Hochschild
0.686 3.92 The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt por Toby Wilkinson
0.683 4.04 To Rule the Waves: How the British Navy Shaped the Modern World por Arthur Herman
0.682 3.96 The Incredible Human Journey por Alice Roberts
0.678 3.3 The Tower Menagerie: The Amazing 600-Year History of the Royal Collection of Wild and Ferocious Beasts Kept at the Tower of London por Daniel Hahn
0.676 4.3 King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa por Adam Hochschild
0.676 4.26 Thorgal, Tome 09: Les Archers por Jean Van Hamme
0.676 4.36 American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World por David E. Stannard
0.675 4.55 Masterpieces of Illumination: The World's Most Famous Manuscripts 400 to 1600 por Ingo F. Walther
0.675 4.13 The Rise and Fall of Communism por Archie Brown
0.674 3.52 The World of the Druids por Miranda J. Green
0.672 4.12 Shakespeare's Restless World: A Portrait of an Era in Twenty Objects por Neil MacGregor
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