Séries de Livros de emrsalgado

Séries a que os livros na biblioteca de emrsalgado pertencem

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(Fairly) True Tales

100 Cupboards

101 Dalmatians {Dodie Smith}


1929 Series

26 Fairmount Avenue

4 for 4 Series

44 Scotland Street

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

84 Charing Cross Road

Aaron Falk

Abbie Deal

Abby McCree Mystery

Abyssinia Jackson


Adam Dalgliesh

Addie Mills

Adele Buffington

Adrian Mole

Adventures of Bert

Adventures of Darcy

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

African Animal Tales

African Trilogy

Agatha Raisin

Airborn Series

Airman's Odyssey

Aisling Grey, Guardian

Akal Singh


Alabama Moon

Aladdin (Disney)

Alan Grant

The Albany Cycle

Albert Campion

The Alden Family Mysteries


Alex & Eliza

Alex Morrow

Alexander by Judith Viorst

Alexander Hero

Alexandra Fuller Memoirs

Alexandria Series

Alfie and Annie Rose


Alice Nestleton Mysteries

Alice Osemanverse (Chronologically)

Alice's Adventures

All Creatures Great and Small - UK

All Creatures Great and Small - US

All Four Stars

All Souls

All-of-a-Kind Family

All-of-a-Kind Family: chronological by story

Allways Trilogy

Alvirah and Willy

Alvirah Meehan and Regan Reilly Christmas mystery

Amanda Pepper

The Amazing World of Stuart

Amazon Original Stories - A Point in Time

Amelia Bedelia

An American in Paris Mysteries

American Regional Series - Lenski


Amish Candy Shop Mysteries


Amy Gallup

Anastasia Krupnik

Anatole - mouse

And So Can You!

Andrew Broom

Andrew Lang's Fairy Books

The Andromeda Strain

Andy Smithson

Angelina Ballerina

Anguished English


Animal Problems

Ann of Cambray

Anna & Gott

Anna Lavinia

Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight -1991

The Anne McFarland Series

Anne of Green Gables

Anno's Travels

Anonymous Diaires

Ant and Bee

Anthony Monday

The Apothecary

April Woo

Arabel and Mortimer

Arc of a Scythe

Ariadne Oliver

Aristotle and Dante

Arlo Finch

Artemis Fowl

Arthur Chapter Book

Arthur Less

Arthur series by Lillian Hoban

Arthur the Aardvark

Arthur trilogy

The Arthurian Merlin Saga

The Ascendance Series

The Asian Saga

Assassin Bug Thrillers / Bob Dillon


Auntie Mame

Aurora County Trilogy

Autumnboro Sweet Romance

Avalon, Chronological Order

Avalon, Published Order

Aven Green

The Avenue

Aviary Hall

Azaro Trilogy



Baby Blues


Ballad Novels

The Balloonmakers

Balthazar Marten and Sixto Gardenas



Barnaby and Hooker

Barnen i Bullerbyn


Barsetshire Books

The Barsetshire Chronicles

Bartholomew Cubbins


Beach Reads Mystery

Beach Streetin pieni leipomo

Beacon Hill Mystery

Bear & Duck

Bear and Mouse

Bear Books


Beaumont Family

Beck Sisters

Bedford Cultural Editions

Before the Coffee Gets Cold

Beklan Empire

Bella Vista Chronicles

Berenstain Bears

Berenstain Bears First Time Books

The Best Little Boy in the World

Beth Austin Mysteries


Betty Bunny

Beverly Cleary's Memoirs

A Bibliophile Mystery

A Big Golden Book

A Big Little Golden Book

Big Stone Gap

The Biggest ... Ever

Bill Bryson's Complete Notes

Bill Bryson's Travels

Bill Slider


The Birchbark House

Black Hollow Lane

Black Lagoon

Black Stallion

Blackberry Island

Blackboard Bear

Blanche White

Blandings Castle

Bless me, Father


The Blood of Stars

Bloom County

Blossom Culp

Blueberries for Sal

The Bobbsey Twins

Bobby Carver Ellis-Chan


Bois Sauvage


The Book of Lists

Book of the Dun Cow

The Book of the New Sun

Book Retreat Mysteries

The Books of Babel

Books of Ember



The Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek

Borderlands Trilogy

The Borgia Chronicles

The Borgias

The Borrowers

Boston Jane

Bound and the Buried

Boxcar Children

The Boy

Boy called Bat

Boy Called Christmas

A Boy's Own Story