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Summary: 69 Series


Abby Kane FBI Thriller

Alex Fletcher

The Amarnan Kings

Baxter & Holt

The Belial Series

Bennett Sisters Mysteries

Black (Blake)

Black Flagged

Blake's Assassin Series



Butterfield Institute

Case Lee

Chasing Chinatown Trilogy

Colonel Race

Cousins' War

Darren Street

Delphi Chronicles

Detective Shakespeare

The Earth Chronicles

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Fatal series [R Blake]

Fingerprints of the Gods

The Forgotten Coast Florida


George Smiley

Gia Santella Crime Thrillers

The Godfather

Hercule Poirot

Home Survival Series

The Hunger Games


Jack Ryan, Chronological Order

Jack Ryan, Publication Order

James Acton Thrillers

James Bond

James Bond - Extended Series

James Bond - Original Series

Jason Bourne



Joe Dillard Series

John Rain

Jurassic Park {Crichton novels}

Lord Byron

Luke Stone Thriller

Mike Daley


Miss Marple

Miss Marple: Chronological

Murder In Milburn

Nathan McBride

Never Say Spy

Noodle Shop Mystery

Plantagenets and Tudors

Pre-Aztec Trilogy

Qing Dynasty Mysteries

The Rise of The Aztecs

Robert Langdon

Rogue Warrior

Sei Assassin

The She-King

Sloan Technology Series


Templars in America

Tommy and Tuppence

Tudor Court - chronological

Zero Sum