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New Turtledove! Online only!

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Mar 28, 2007, 9:49 pm

My only comment is, go check it's an interesting attempt to gauge market reaction. Oh, and a good story, too!

It's entitled The Winter of Our Discontent: The Impeachment and Trial of John F. Kennedy. I can't explain as well as the authors, so I'll post this direct from their website, and hope they will forgive me:

"What if John Kennedy survived Dallas?

Historians love to speculate on this “what-if” scenario, wondering if magically the nation would have been spared the pain of Vietnam and even Watergate. They have missed the point.

If he’d gotten out of Dealey Plaza alive, John Kennedy might easily have suffered the same fate as his arch-nemesis Richard Nixon -- humiliation and removal from office.

With the eyes of the world on the United States and the media in a frenzy, with JFK himself alive and not a martyr, an immediate investigation would have been launched into who might have been interested in killing our popular American President. And the Kennedy brothers would have been hell-bent to ensure their political as well as their physical survival.

Starting with the Secret Service, the blame-game would have taken on a life of its own, forcing explosive revelations in mere months that have instead dribbled out over decades. Kennedy’s reckless conduct would have become public: the lies about his medical condition, contacts with mobsters, election money-laundering, numerous attempts to assassinate foreign leaders, and even the hundreds of high-risk sexual encounters that endangered Kennedy’s safety and, by extension, our country’s security.

This alternative history novel covers the period from the November 22, 1963 near-miss assassination attempt of President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas through the events of early 1966 when the fate of John F. Kennedy was in the hands of 100 United States Senators worried about their own careers in the next election.
How It Works
We make the first chapters available on the Internet and let the market decide what happens next.
New posts go up every Monday. The next post, Chapter 2: Duck and Cover (Part One) goes up April 2, 2007."

Editado: Maio 28, 2007, 10:34 am

Wow, I love Turtledove, I'll definitely check that out!