'The three I just done'

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'The three I just done'

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Abr 22, 2011, 5:44 am

Hi there, always on the lookout for great hardboiled fiction, and these are the three I've just finished.

No1 Ricardo Piglia 'Money to Burn' this is a prize winning crime novel from Argentina. Based on original reports and witness statements, Money to Burn is a crazy story about a group of bandits who raid a bank in down town Buenos Aires, as the worlds media zoom in they find themselves boxed in. This is good and you can purchase it at "www.granta.com"

No2 Marcus McCarthy 'Tobacco Mist' Every now and then I come across a book that just puts the others in the shade. this is one of those. This is about a bank robbers account of heists betrayals and brutality. I'd recently finished another book by the same author that I'd rated in my top four of all time. this is really good and you can purchase it at "lulu.com"

No3 Jim Thompson 'Savage Night' "She walked on the little foot, exercising the goats. And at night they sat on my chest howling!!!!!!" here we find a short little hitman, who passes for a young man but on closer inspection isn't quite what he seems. For me this is up there with The Killer inside me.
you can purchase it at "amazon" I found prices vary so don't get stung.

who you enjoyed my choices, cheers

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