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Editado: Maio 31, 2011, 10:58am

I've wanted one of these for a long time, so I finally created one.

The Hacking LibraryThing Wiki Page is a library of categorized 'hacks'. Each hack gets a brief description, credit to the creator, a link to more info or the install file, and where appropriate a link to a Talk thread to discuss it. I also included screenshots where they were easily accessible/seemed appropriate.

The point of this is to give people a place to browse categorized tweaks as our awesome hackers build up a pretty good library of them.

I went through the Sound Off thread primarily, although I tried to glance through the general topics for anything not there. I'm sure I missed some things, so if you notice one please add it!

I did not add the bookmarklets, as I wasn't quite sure how to handle them/explain how to use them. If anyone has suggestions, I'd be thrilled!

I'm also not sure whether any of these are out of date or broken. If you know of one, please mark it as such.

And of course it's a wiki page, so if you see anything wrong, want to categorize things differently, think I left out important bits of information, etc, go ahead and update it!

Could we maybe get a link in the group description?

Maio 31, 2011, 11:01am

Oh, also you may notice a lot of 'talk about it' links that are broken. I left those there to indicate clearly that there was no thread (that I could find) that discussed the hack, partly in hopes that others might know where the threads live and would link them, or that the creators might be inclined to start threads on hacks that don't have them. I feel like it's definitely useful to have a discussion thread available for hacks.

Maio 31, 2011, 11:14am

Excellent work! I've been wanting to do that, too, but never got the time/motivation enough to do it. I thought the Sound Off thread worked pretty well, but then it obviously started suffering from the limitations of it being a talk thread.

I also agree on having a single thread for ever hack as a place to discuss it. I'll try to get ones created for all of mine that have none.

On the bookmarklets thing, I'll think about what to do. One of the big problems I have is no good place to put them. For security reasons, I can't link to them in Talk. So people have to create a bookmark manually and copy/paste and that's a lot more difficult to explain than just "right-click and choose "Add a bookmark", etc.

Maio 31, 2011, 11:20am

Thank you! I still like the sound off thread (after all, that's mostly what I worked from), but I do think that as you guys build up a bigger and bigger collection it just makes sense to do something a little differently.

It may be that 'bookmarklets' just needs a wiki page like greasmonkey has to explain the process, and then if each bookmarklet had its own thread we could link there for 'more info'. I'm not sure.

I think I might have missed some Stylish scripts in the wiki page, too, so if anyone is using something they don't see please either add it or let me know and I'll do it.

Maio 31, 2011, 11:25am

Well, the Sound Off thread is handy as a sort of "notification", since if you've posted there or joined/watched Hacking LT, you'll see it in your Talk. I wish people could easily "touch" the thread to get notified on it without having to post or watch/join the group. You can favorite it, but of course that means you have to click on the favorite message filter and that kind of defeats the purpose. Maybe once Tim gets to the message list part of the Talk redo he'll integrate it a bit better.

I think bookmarklets needs its own page, as does Stylish. I'll try to work on them "soon", but if anyone else has the motivation please do go for it.

Fev 9, 2013, 10:09am

Sorry about this, could have sworn I had LibraryThing set up in a way I'd catch these messages, but apparently I've missed a whole bunch of threads. Added this page to the description.

Trying to get brightcopy in as an admin since I really haven't been doing much with librarything lately (well, guess the past few years, yikes!)