ISBNs entered with CueCat not on Librarything ISBN column

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ISBNs entered with CueCat not on Librarything ISBN column

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Out 21, 2011, 7:57am

In 2008 we had our library entered into library thing using cuecat barcode scanning and the brilliant library search. As a result 90% of our collection is in LibraryThing.

We now want to export the data to create loan database, but 1/6th of the ISBNs entered ot find the book are not showing on the database. Any ideas why?

(We don't really want to have to reenter them, but they are the key unique id)

Out 23, 2011, 2:34am

I see quite a few of your books (about 250 of them) without ISBNs - all the ones I noticed were published before 1970 or so, so they don't have ISBNs at all. I don't see any ISBNs that are green data - that's one way something you can see on LT doesn't export, but apparently it doesn't apply to ISBNs. Can you give an example of a book that has an ISBN on LT but not in the export?