Suggestions on what order?

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Suggestions on what order?

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Maio 22, 2007, 11:21am

Hello! I have read just a couple of Katie's books, and have been 'collecting' many others over the winter to read this summer. (I tend to read more non-fiction in winter, than when it's warm, I grab the light, fun books and head to the pool!) So, now I have a bunch, am ready to grab one and head outside, and find myself wondering if they should be read in any kind of order. I can't find any listing or number sequence (I haven't really looked that hard, though) on them. I thought other Katie fans would be the best to ask. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks for your help!

I have (but not read yet):
Improper English
Hard Day's Knight
Men in Kilts
Fire Me Up
You Slay Me
Just One Sip
The Corset Diaries
The Trouble With Harry
Even Vampires Get the Blues
Blow Me Down
Light My Fire

I have read:
Noble Destiny
Sex, Lies And Vampires
A Girl's Guide to Vampires
Sex and the Single Vampire
Noble Intentions

Maio 22, 2007, 11:41am

well The Trouble with Harry is the third in the Noble series.

And Just One Sip has a story set after Sex, Lies and Vampires. Then in the Dark Ones series comes Even Vampires Get the Blues and The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires.

The Aisling Grey series goes You Slay Me, Fire Me Up, and Light My Fire (I'm pretty sure).

The rest of them are stand-alones, so it doesn't really matter what order you read them in. But Improper English is one of the early ones, and in my opinion isn't as good as the others.

Maio 22, 2007, 11:59am

Thank you so much! This will help when I'm packing to go away this weekend! :)