Funny story about bookselling in a small town


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Funny story about bookselling in a small town

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Nov 26, 2012, 1:55pm

I had a call from a colleague of my wife's. Both work in the high school in our home town, my wife as the school's counselor and our friend as a teacher. Our friend was looking for a copy of a rather obscure title: When Cuba Conquered Kentucky: The Triumphant Basketball Story of a Tiny High School that Achieved the American Dream. Could I order it for her? Something about the title rang a bell, however. I had a look on my sports shelf and sure enough, there it was. Wow! What were the odds, right? So I brought the book home for my wife to deliver to our friend. I happen to look inside and saw the inscription: this copy had been owned by the school's former principal and now Board of Education member! Wow! What are the odds for that! Our friend tells her husband this. He replies, "Oh, yeah. I bought that book as a gift for him a couple of years back." Small towns. Gotta love 'em!