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Group updates

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Mar 10, 2013, 4:41pm

In a daring midnight coup, I wrested away group adminship from the tyrant JonathanGorman. Or he kindly agreed to pass the reins over to me, if you believe those clearly biased reports.

I've updated the group description and added an image that I find applicable to what we do here (plus it was totally out of copyright).

In a related note, I punched up the wiki page for Greasemonkey and created one for Stylish. I tried to make it browser-agnostic, with links and information on each browser (including when you were out-of-luck).

Also, though not related to the group changes, I wanted to update people on a couple of things. First off, be very careful when installing scripts from The ads they use (which are supplied by 3rd parties so it's not intentional on their part) have some deceptive green "download" buttons which could easily trick you. For more, see this topic:

Speaking of userscripts, I'm getting a lot of 502 errors. It looks like they're having problems with their site/bandwidth again. This means it may take multiple reloads of the page (or clicks to install).