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Simple questions

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Abr 11, 2013, 3:44 pm

Hi everyone! I've been stalking Persephone books from here in the US for about a year. I've been hesistant to pull the trigger because of the shipping costs, so I've been looking second hand. My question is : What kind of covers are these published in? I see hardcover sometimes, and paperback oftentimes. I'm partial to hardcovers with dust jackets (or better yet, a slipcase!) Are the portraiture pictures only on the softcovers, since the endpapers are vintage patterns? Thanks for your help!

Abr 11, 2013, 4:13 pm

Persephone does not publish hard covers. The main series consist of sturdy paperbacks -- certainly of a better quality than most paperbacks, but still. The cover is grey with the title in a cream-coloured block. The book is covered with a dust jacket looking exactly the same as the front cover but with blurbs on the flaps. The dust jacket too is of decent paper, but not as flimsy as some publishers'. There are about 100 of these titles now published in dove grey with dust jackets. In addition, some of the more popular titles (about 10) have been reissued in a cheaper paperback format without dust jacket and with some sort of illustration/picture on the cover instead of the classic grey. These paperbacks retail at 25% less than the main series.

The main series do not generally contain any illustrations, except for the lovely (full-colour) endpapers based on fabrics or prints. Oh, and all the books in the main series come with a bookmark based on the endpapers, with a blurb of the book printed on the back. The cheaper paperbacks don't have these.

About shipping costs: I don't find these outrageous (I live in South Africa): if you buy 3 or more books from the main series, they cost £10 instead of £12 with £5 per book shipping costs (send airmail, so they arrive quickly). I tend to buy three at a time and thus pay £45. $8 shipping costs may sound a lot, but the NYRB Classics, for instance, now charge $23 (yes!!!) for the first book and $6 thereafter (consequently I now think twice before ordering from them), while the LoA also charges about $8 per volume (but less if you buy more). A sizeable part of my income is spent on shipping books.... :( But I love these Persephone Books too much to do without them.

Abr 11, 2013, 4:42 pm

Thanks for the quick response. I was afaid of that. You really can't always trust a bookseller's description can you. I do find it a bit painful to pay 23 USD per book for a paperback, so I think I'll be scouring the secondhand market more. I might miss out on the bookmark, but I love my book darts, so I think I'll be okay. I discovered the NYRB during their winter sale, and forgot to order in time. Are you fan?

Abr 12, 2013, 3:32 am

Sambadoll, even though Persepones are paperbacks they're among the most beautiful books in my collection. Why don't you have a look on Amazon for a second-hand one first to see if you like it?

Abr 12, 2013, 3:44 am

I have just received my first three Persephones: as said above, they are very sturdy for paperbacks; the cover is stiff, the dust jackets are thick, with a flap, and the endleaves (which you would not normally find in a paperback) are also thick paper. The postage for Switzerland was very reasonable, less than what I pay from other online stores, and they were delivered quickly, taking about a week.

Abr 12, 2013, 11:34 am

>3 sambadoll:

I am sorry if this did not come over all too clearly in my effusive post, but the postage to the rest of the world for a Persephone Book is £5, about US $8, which as I was trying to explain is rather reasonable compared to, for example, the NYRB Classics which charges US $23 for the first book.

Yes, I rather like the NYRB Classics because they publish many titles of foreign literature, especially from Eastern Europe and Russia in English translation not easily available elsewhere. And I like to broaden my reading horizons. :) But since they've hiked their shipping costs so much for people outside of the USA, I am rather peeved and may henceforth order via Amazon in the UK rather than directly.

I have never checked, but perhaps it is possible to order Persephone titles via Amazon in the USA? At least the cheaper paperback series.

Editado: Abr 12, 2013, 3:53 pm

Off topic but I am just wondering if any of you stateside Persephone fans have yet received your Biannually? I enjoy and look forward to those so much and usually order 3 books after perusing the entire catalog and mag which takes a couple of days and pots of tea. :-) I am hoping that it arrives soon. I know the Brits have received theirs.