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Theatre Books

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Maio 8, 2013, 8:55pm

I have just started adding my theatre books to my online library record, and went looking for a space in which to compare notes with other enthusiasts about favorite titles, possible new acquisitions and so on. A search for groups relating to theatre turned up a small listing, none of which seemed to be devoted to books about theatre. As this seems to be the largest of theatrically oriented groups, I am starting up this topic/thread in the hope that I can find some other theatre book enthusiasts!

So far I have only added about a tenth of my collection - the full range includes books on theory (Grotowski et al)musicals (Ethen Mordden, Stanley Green, Martin Gottfried etc.) Broadway (Brooks Atkinson, Stephen Susskin), and lots of biographies of actors,writers, composers, lyricists and directors.

There are also some more practical works on stage design (I dabbled in costume and set design), and lots of scripts. . .

What books about theatre, in any of its many aspects, are people currently reading. ..?