Series 3 recap (spoilers)

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Series 3 recap (spoilers)

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Jul 2, 2007, 5:32pm

So, I'm curious what everyone thought of the finale of series 3.

-John Simm as The Master
-Martha's family
-Captain Jack
-shots of gallifrey
-Doctor's attitude towards the Master

-Another hoard messes up Earth. Didn't we do that last year?
-The "toglofein" sounded just like the gelf (or gelph?).
-A shrunken big-headed cgi Doctor in a bird cage? Bleh...
-the "tinkerbell" ending (if we all clap for tinkerbell, she won't die) AND that ending made me think he should have regenerated, not just gone back to being the young 10th doctor. I mean, if Davies had to have this bit he should have done it on a regeneration year.
-Everything was reset at the end of the episode, and the Doctor, who has just spent a year living in a dog tent and a birdcage, acts like nothing has happened.

Bottom line: Davies is really good at the characters and the relationship aspects, but not the best at the sci-fi plots.

Jul 3, 2007, 11:53am

Some of us haven't seen it all yet - CBC (in Canada) just started series 3 a couple of weeks ago and last night they postponed Gridlock in favour of FIFA U-20 soccer. Except in my region - we got Runaway Bride again.

Me, I'm trying not to actually finish reading your message...

Jul 3, 2007, 12:40pm

Well, I did say spoilers *grin*!

Jul 4, 2007, 8:28am

I didn't like the CGI Doctor or the overused 'swarming spheres' footage. I'm very glad the spheres didn't turn out to be new Dalek housings.

I liked John Simm as The Master but his 'death' was painfully predictable (as was the hint right at the end that he survived in some form) - I'd have preferred to have this incarnation 'out there' a while longer...

...or in the wake of Martha's departure The Master could have been 'bound' to the Doctor's TARDIS somehow and become a semi-regular character before being killed off next season.

these post-Time War Time Lords squander their regenerations a bit too easily.

loved the throwaway reference to The Face Of Bo right at the end (even if it was a little too 'cute' and 'neat')

not as epic an ending as I'd have liked for this season, but it was still a lot of fun :)

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