Romanitas - views?

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Romanitas - views?

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Set 2, 2006, 12:55 pm

What do people think of the Roman alternate history Romanitas? I bought it, intrigued by the concept, but aware that many reviewers on Amazon have a low opinion of it. I've not yet read it.

Any views?


Set 23, 2006, 10:06 am

Obviously not much interest in this - I have uploaded the review below on to the LT book entry (and onto Amazon as well):

"Overall, rather a disappointment. A fascinating concept, but the author’s written style is rather odd, containing odd similes and frequently unrealistic and illogical dialogue. There were also some questionable focuses – e.g. no description of what the games in the modern Colosseum consist of, i.e. are they classical Roman gladiatorial contests or modern sports, while on the other hand spending a whole page describing a character breaking into a window. At times, I got bogged down and a little bored with the prose and almost forgot this was supposed to be in a modern day Roman Empire as in places it could have been anywhere.

The book could also have done with a detailed map of Roman Europe and Rome itself – the world map at the beginning is interesting, but most of it is not relevant to the story (unless some of it does in the follow up novels."