Using a CueCat outside of LT

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Using a CueCat outside of LT

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Jul 15, 2007, 12:47pm

Has anyone used their CueCats for things other than Library Thing?

I can't write computer software, but I'd like to catalog my yarn stash, whereabouts of my knitting needles, etc. I tried printing my own barcodes on my inkjet with barcode software but got nothing readable.

Most of the sites I'm finding have been software writers' musings from 2000.

Editado: Jul 29, 2007, 4:03am

If your CueCat is declawed it acts just like an English Keyboard so you can use it for anything else that is scannable.

I have successfully created, printed out and re-scanned some barcodes. See my LibraryThing CueCat help sheet for some samples (and some instructions I think - I forget what's in there).

Jul 28, 2007, 8:23pm

With quite a few stumbles along the way, I have today created an Excel spreadsheet to track my yarn stash/knitting projects/needle location with my Cue Cat. (Will convert to Access later on.)

I set up a mail merge in Word and a consecutive numbering worksheet in Excel and can now print out barcodes for all the odd balls of yarn people have given me or for which I tossed the skein label.

I'll probably find that I've duplicated a lot that will be available on when it comes out of beta, but I've LEARNED how.

Thanks for a very well written PDF, GreyHead! Couldn't have done this without you!

Jul 29, 2007, 4:04am

Great - glad to be of help :-)