A Common tag to connect indexes with Indexers!

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A Common tag to connect indexes with Indexers!

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1mawentling Primeira Mensagem
Editado: Jul 17, 2007, 2:57pm

As an indexer, we all like to see how other people have indexed a given work.

LibraryThing can help us take our curiosity one step further by connecting us online with other indexers who are LT members.

How?.... With a common tag!

If each indexer assigns the same tag to the books in their LT library that they've indexed, then anyone will be able to:

- search for that common tag to find all the books whose indexers are online,
- or, search for a book and find out whether the indexer is an LT member by looking for the common tag

To make it happen, all we need to do is decide on the common tag we want to use and start using it!

Here are a few ideas for a common tag:

"my indexes"
"books I've indexed"
"indexed by me"
"indexes I've written"

What's your opinion on the tag we should use?

For now, I've started the ball rolling by tagging a book in my library that I indexed (Egypt of the Pharaohs) with the tag "indexed by me" -- check it out and see what you think!


2nmulvany Primeira Mensagem
Jul 17, 2007, 4:04pm

Hi Mark,

Thanks for starting an LT group for indexers. Great idea!

I like the tag, "indexed by me."


Editado: Jul 17, 2007, 4:54pm

Thanks for joining, Nancy! And for your vote on "indexed by me."

I've added the tag to 27 books in my library now and it seems to work nicely for organizing my self-indexed books.... When I select that tag from my cloud I'm able to see other members using the tag (so far just you and me!).

So I think the ability to locate indexers by using the tag from within one's own library or within another member's library is proven, but it looks like we'll need a "critical mass" of members to use this tag before a site-wide search of the tag itself will show any results -- a search for it now yields this note: "Tags used fewer than ten times by five people may not appear here, but will appear when searching an individual users's catalog."

Hopefully more indexers will sign on soon and start using the tag "indexed by me" to describe books they've indexed!

- Mark

4dgolson Primeira Mensagem
Out 1, 2007, 5:45pm

I just joined LT and Indexers who LT. I've added 67 professional books to my library including two that were "indexed by me."


Ago 5, 2008, 10:43am

I've just joined LibraryThing (as KayCliff, feeling shy at first, but real name Hazel Bell) and Indexers who LT group. I've restricted my library list to the free 200, but included several on indexing, and given 17 the tag `indexed by me'. I've added a cover image to Dorothy Thomas's ASI Oral History listing (my son has a scanner!). I've enthusiastically told several colleagues of LT, and think more will join.
Hazel Bell

Ago 7, 2008, 6:51am

Hi Hazel,

Glad to see you joined Indexers who LibraryThing. Maybe we can find more indexers on LT.


Ago 18, 2008, 11:53pm

I'll put a small blurb about LibraryThing, Indexers Who Library Thing, and "indexed by me" in the next newsletter from the Mid- &cSouth-Atlantic chapter of ASI. Perhaps that will help spread the word a bit.

I'm sticking with the free protion of LibraryThing for now, as well.

There is a a growing, friendly group of indexers on Facebook. Many of them use a book application within Facebook called Visual Bookshelf. Facebook also allows folks to easily and quickly let other know what they're up to that day or week, thus the 'friendly' nature of the beast.

Suzi Kaplan

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