On giving away Graduate Level Maths books.


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On giving away Graduate Level Maths books.

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Jun 11, 2014, 7:54 am

Dear group,

My late Dad (11+ years now) was a mathematician, Statistician & Hydrologist specifically.

Well you might know it is very difficult to give away, even Classic Maths books.
One of Dad's friends was "The last Reader" at Melbourne Uni (Maths Department) and even his Uni didn't want his books :-( He ended up shipping his Journals etc. to 3rd. world uni's. eg. Vietnam etc.

Well as an experiment I would like to give away Dad's 5 Volumes of R. A. Fishers Collected papers.
Hey, better start whilst I am still alive!

Vol 1 onwards

I would prefer a 'practicing mathematicians/statisticians' or specialized libraries to ask for them.
Although I do remember a LT member who had them in his wish list.

But now comes the RUB.

Our post office, in Australia ain't cheap.

For this experiment I am happy willing to pay half the shipping cost.
Sorry, even just 5 books will probably be $200?

Some economists are suggesting our Aussi Dollar will reach parity with the USD by the end of the
year. Which is good at my end...

Dad did rather like Fisher, who he had met, but hated his support for smoking!


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You can contact Abebooks.com at NZ and Australia , they do buy second hand textbooks.

Salvation Army,Australia,Thrift Stores for charity, you never know someone is looking for these papers.Check with them whether they accept books at your end.

The collected papers of Fisher,all 5 volumes is selling at about AS$800.00. (Bookfinder.com)

Jun 12, 2014, 10:57 am

Thanks >2 razzamajazz:.

I am quite surprised that the 5 volumes sell for "that much".

I would still rather prefer to Give them away to someone who would really appreciate them then just make a monetary profit.

You also gave me some suggestions on donations. The Salvation Army 'doesn't' accept text books.

And many other charities also don't accept 'academic books'


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Jun 12, 2014, 2:36 pm

A charity bookshop might take them if a general charity shop won't. I don't know about Australian charity shops, but the Oxfam bookshop for which I used to volunteer in the UK stocked older mathematical books.

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This non-profit organisation in Melbourne, Australia accept educational books for the needy Libyan community in Victoria. You may like to contact:

Mr. Baha Otman, Melbourne, Australia

Email: lcv@libyansinvictoria.org.au

It is an overseas donation programme sponsored by University of Buffalo, USA.



Search: International Donation Programs

Jun 12, 2014, 11:14 pm

>6 razzamajazz: Thanks. I contacted Mr. Baha Otman.

I'll let you know of any further progress.