LT GreaseMonkey scripts no longer accessible from

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LT GreaseMonkey scripts no longer accessible from

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Out 21, 2014, 12:02am

Note that the location where GreaseMonkey scripts were stored (and where the links on many older LT posts point to) has been closed down. These scripts, and links, previously pointed to If you try to link to that location you MIGHT be taken to a mirror site, but the mirror site has very little of the functionality of the original site, and will not take you directly to the LibraryThing scripts. Manually navigating (there is no search function...) to the LT scripts on the Mirror site could take days (browsing over 5000 pages)

The good news, however, is that all the scripts previously stored in (including the librarything ones) are now available at To get to the LT scripts from the webextender home page simply use 'librarything' as your search criteria.

Out 28, 2014, 9:56am

Thanks for this update! I didn't realize had shut down.