On Bookshop Cats.

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On Bookshop Cats.

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Editado: Out 23, 2014, 1:27 am

Dear Group,

Whilst perusing 2wonderY's post about "weird books" (from ABE books) I noticed ABE had a link

On Bookstore Cats

I don't remember any bookshops I frequented having a Cat. Although 2nd hand book shops are becoming few and far between in Melbourne
over the last decade. I can only think of 4 in the CBD in Melbourne, although Carlton, Fitzroy etc still have a few.

Your thoughts, memories...


PS. I am going to adopt that 8 yo. tortie. I'll have to wait a bit until she recovers from having 7 teeth extracted and exploratory surgery to
determine if she has/had been desexed. Evidently the vet said she was so fat she (the Vet) couldn't find any ovaries and will do blood tests.
She didn't have the usual Ï have been desexed mark.
I couldn't see the point. Can an 8 yo. female still have kittens? And how did they estimate she is 8 anyway?

Out 25, 2014, 10:50 am

Hi Guido,
Congrats on the senior Kitty:)
Yes she could have kittens,
Better to be safe than sorry.
Here in CA you pay extra to get the desexed mark, they notch an ear.
Some vets take a quarter of the ear , I could never let them do that.
I've had lots of feral cats desexed (trap and release).

We have three used book stories within 50 miles that have cats in the store:)
In one store there was a sign where one of the cats was clawing up some books.
( NOT for sale , But if you really want it free)
(This area only, thank the cat)

Out 25, 2014, 11:28 am

Syber's used to have an in-store cat back in the... late 90s (?), though I haven't been there since.
A fat thing it was, i suspect because customers would slip it food.

One of Flinders books (may it rest in peace) had a dog that roamed the shop on weekends, and some of the books smelled distinctly doggy.

I'm actually glad I don't see cats in bookshops these days, as the cat that occupies my home occasionally chews and otherwise marks books on the bottom couple of shelves. I don't buying foxed or dog-eared books, but you have to draw the line somewhere (in pencil).

Off-topic, but which four 2nd bookshops are you thinking of? There was an article in the local rag mentioning Melbourne's status as a "UNESCO City of Literature" and pointing out that chain stores
don't lack soul. 2nd hand bookshops didn't even get a mention.

Out 26, 2014, 5:21 pm

Guido: Thanks for that link! So adorable. When I lived in Seattle, I remember one independent bookstore had a cat that roamed the aisles.

Congratulations on the pending adoption! You both are so lucky. Poor girl is going to love you so much since you are saving her. Where did you find her--in a shelter? Vets estimate cats' ages by looking at their teeth. That's how they estimated my Lexi when I adopted her as a young adult from ASPCA. She must have been born into a feral community because her ear is tipped. And she still does have her feral tendencies! Ha! But I love her despite them!

Out 30, 2014, 12:46 am

The public library in the nearest larger town (Broken Bow, Nebraska) had a library cat for many years. TLC (The Library Cat) was well loved, even when he got elderly and a bit cranky. The library has a fireplace and several nice soft chairs and TLC could usually be found in that area. He wasn't a lap cat per se, but he would sit with you for a few minutes if you insisted.

It is with sorrow that I report TLC has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. It is my hope that the fire is warm, the chairs are soft, and that he remembers the little hands that patted and caressed him for so many years. I'm sure the angels will scratch his ears now and then.

Out 30, 2014, 7:09 am

Bloody hell, Today I visited the old 8 yo. cat in its shelter which I will eventually Adopt Next Wednesday!

The trip took me almost one and a half hours. It also involved much more money than I wanted to spend, but, but...

Someone has to look after Train Wrecks :-)


Out 30, 2014, 7:29 am

Gee, I thought a cat or two was a requirement for secondhand book stores. I've found that the cats generally don't advertise their presence, but you'll occasionally see a pair of eyes watching you (or ignoring you) from a cozy hole somewhere.

>5 MerryMary: **whine**My library used to have a fireplace corner, but it was eliminated during a renovation. Stupid architect! We also had to find a new home for the 18 foot tall paper-mache tree and treehouse.

>6 guido47: You will be blessed for your caring. And, yes, animals can suddenly go into heat in later years. Our dog, Lilly, was a stray, and never went into heat (so we thought she'd been fixed) until in her teens and we almost lost her. She had only one oversized pup that had to be surgically removed.

Out 30, 2014, 8:17 pm

>6 guido47: Thank you so much for caring about this precious one.

>5 MerryMary: I have noticed that there are fewer library cats than previously. I don't know why. Sorry about your library cat.