CHE's Amiable Warriors

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CHE's Amiable Warriors

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Mar 12, 2015, 1:14 pm

The British Campaign for Homosexual Equality has recently issued what is planned to be a three (or even four) volume history. The series is to be called Amiable Warriors and the first volume, by Peter Scott-Presland, is sub-titled A Space to Breath: 1954-1973. It's a hefty volume - at well over 600 pages -, but a remarkably enjoyable read.
I don't entirely agree with all Scott-Presland's interpretations of what went on in the fifties and sixties, but his book will undoubtedly prove an excellent resource for people studying how we came to be where we now are in England, as well as for people just wanting to know what gay life was like then. Of particular value is the coverage of what was happening outside as well as within London.

Are there any comparable histories of other gay organizations?