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Set 13, 2007, 7:41am

Got my cuecat this morning, works good with my English Harry Potter books on LT.

But with Dutch books it seems it has a problem. Well, a problem... it doesn't convert it to ISBN 13, but to ISBN 10 (also with my English Harry Potter). ISBN 10 code is however correct.

Example the book Prinsessen by Catharine Hurtig:

ISBN10: 9022993426 | ISBN13: 9789022993422

The Cuecat recognises the ISBN10 code perfectly, but since Dutch online stores and the Royal library mostly use ISBN 13, I don't get any results.

Is there a trick for this?

Set 22, 2007, 4:46am

Well, first off:
1) Do you have a declawed cuecat, or one that spits out stuff like: .C3nZC3nZC3nWE3bWCNn2CxnX.cGen.ENr7C3n1CNjWENn0EG.

2) If you have a declawed cuecat, what does it spit out if you scan the book while your computer has notepad open?

3) If you have a clawed cuecat, you can go here: and scan a book. Does the barcode come back with the initial "978" ? (Don't worry about the invalid checkdigit box on that page)

If your answer to question (2) is "just the 10-digit isbn", then you can't really do much about it. Otherwise (if you get the full code, with the "978"), then the problem would be with librarything itself.

Your best bet there - if it is LT itself - is to point out here that cuecat input is always getting converted by LT to ISBN10, and that it should convert it to ISBN13, and hope that the site administrators fix it.

One interim option you have, if you've got a clawed cuecat that seems to be spitting out the whole 13 digits when you look at that decoder page I mentioned, and you're using firefox, is to follow the instructions posted elsewhere on this forum about how to make firefox beep when you scan, and then go to the "import" page, not the simple addbooks page. If you have the beep script installed, then on the import page what you scan will get decoded as you scan, so that when you submit to LT you'll be sending the full 13-digit ISBN.

Set 30, 2007, 4:29am

This is an old problem, LibraryThing predates (mostly) ISBN-13 and Tim chose to take a simple way through. I guess this will get re-coded eventually.